Movies: Cut Throat City, Outside the Wire, The Vanished

Movie 1: Cut Throat City

This crime action drama is based on Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused. It says a lot about racism, gentrification and drug trafficking. We are sorry to say the message goes off the rails by the end of the film.


Movie 2 : Outside the Wire

This action war thriller is set in the near future. It’s fast paced, often confusing and confounding at the same time. Drone pilots threaten the planet. The concept is both intriguing and thought provoking but that’s about all.


Movie 3: The Vanished

Oy! It’s an intriguing concept. Overall it’s a thriller film. It’s also all over the place with plot twists, suspense and frankly implausibility. It’s sad because with just a bit more attention the film might have flowed better.



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