Movies: Operation Mincemeat, The Northman, Memory

Movie 1: Operation Mincemeat

This WWII drama, based on a true story of the Allied invasion of Sicily, has managed to balance human nature, suspense and raw action! It’s set in 1943 during the peak of the war. It’s available in movie theatres and on Netflix. Parents should be aware of war images/violence, some sexual content and strong language if children are attending. This film is very entertaining.


Movie 2: The Northman

Here is an R rated Action/Mystery/Thriller that is filled with adventure/violence and some nudity. It’s set in Iceland during the Viking period. Alexander Skarsgard delivers a powerful, vengeful depiction as he seeks to kill his fathers murderer.


Movie 3: Memory

Here is an Action/Thriller that is rated R for violence, bloody images, and language. Liam Neeson delivers a wickedly good performance as a hit man in the early stages of dementia in this film noir. The film is based on the 1985 novel. It’s dark, cynical and “slightly amoral”!



Movies: Father Stu, Secrets of Dumbledore, Everything Everywhere All at Once

Movie 1: Father Stu

This drama featuring Mark Wahlberg is based on real events. The actual life of Father Stu includes acting, teaching, museum management and priesthood. It is currently released in many theater venues.


Movie 2: Secrets of Dumbledore

The full title is Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore. It’s listed as a Fantasy/Adventure that runs a hefty 2 hours 23 minutes! Dumbledore is a powerful dark wizard who controls a team of wizards and witches. We do not recommend viewing for young audiences. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, you will like this movie. We viewed it on a massive 65 foot high IMAX screen, but definitely not needed or required.


Movie 3: Everything Everywhere All at Once

Ready for an interdimensional time travel with unlikely heroes? We found this film wonderfully entertaining with very inventive special effects. Michelle Yeoh is fantastic in the leading role. Jamie Lee Curtis’s performance is worth the admission alone.



Movies: The Bombardment (The Shadow in My Eye), Against the Ice, Ambulance

Movie 1: The Bombardment

This is a fascinating true WWII story released October 28, 2021 in Denmark. Set in WWII Copenhagen a school full of children was bombed. Given current events in Ukraine we suggest adult viewers only. This film is on Netflix with the title of The Bombardment.


Movie 2: Against the Ice

This film is also a Netflix release. Based on a true story in Greenland in a 1909 polar expedition. This is a very intriguing drama about man versus brutal nature. We do not think it appropriate for young viewers.


Movie 3 Ambulance

This film is listed as an Action/Thriller. It’s rated R for language, intense violence, and bloody images. It is not appropriate for children. It’s a riveting film about a Los Angeles bank robbery gone very wrong. We found it implausible, but very entertaining.



Movies: The Batman, The Automat, Morbius

Movie 1: The Batman

It’s rated PG-13 but parents should be aware, this film is listed as a drama, adventure, crime, action. It has suggestive material, drug content, strong language and violence. The overall theme is intended to bring justice and end corruption and abuse of power. It’s a very dark film and the run time is just under three hours!


Movie 2: The Automat

Here is a unique film about the era of the famed “Automat” restaurant chain in New York City and Philadelphia dating from the 1940s and 50s. Its a documentary packed with iconic history. It’s wonderful to watch. Try and seek this one out. Run time is 1 hour 19 minutes.


Movie 3: Morbius

First and foremost…this film is listed as an action fantasy. To be fair it is violent with strong language and intense images. It’s not suitable for children. Our rating includes 5 vampire bats….!



Movies: The Adam Project, The Lost City, The Contractor

Movies 1:  The Adam Project

This time travel film spans several genres under its PG-13 rating. Action, Adventure, Comedy and Sci-Fi. Parents should be cautioned regarding language, violence, some action and suggestive references. That said it’s still a pretty good film. Ryan Reynolds is always fun. Run time is just under two hours. On Netflix and in movie theaters.


Movie 2: The Lost City

Given the real world news these days, this comedic/action film offers a bit of relief. Parents should be aware there are some bloody images/ nudity / and suggestive material. That said, it’s also often funny and entertaining.


Movie 3: The Contractor

This film is rated R for violence and language. We do not recommend this film for children. That said, there is excellent acting and just the right balance of action, mystery and intrigue.



Movies: Blackhat, My Father’s Violin, Cyrano

Movie 1: Blackhat

This Netflix Drama, Action Thriller is getting a mixed bag from critics near and far. A hacked nuclear plant in Hong Kong and the Mercantile Trade Exchange in Chicago prompt the FBI to partner with China to find the hackers. It tends to bounce around a bit, but overall satisfies most viewers. We enjoyed the action and suspense. It’s rated R for violence and some language.


Movie 2: My Father’s Violin

Also a Netflix release, this Turkish film is about an orphaned girl and her violinist Uncle and the bond that heals a family loss. Beautifully filmed, produced with extraordinary results. We watched the dubbed English version.


Movie 3: Cyrano

Set in the 17th century, Cyrano is a love sick soldier/poet who spends a lifetime in love with the beautiful Roxanne. Overall the production is stunning and likely to yield numerous awards during the awards season. That said, there is sure to be more than a few surprises before the credits roll.



Movies: Marry Me, Uncharted, Dog

Movie 1: Marry Me

If you are in the mood for a charming romantic comedy give this film a watch. Yes, it’s more than a stretch but it gets serious fast. If nothing else, it’s entertaining! Run time is 1 hour, 52 minutes. Jennifer Lopez is always fun.


Movie 2: Uncharted

Want something else? Here is an Action Adventure film that’s engaging from beginning to end. It’s not perfect but it is sure to deliver consistently over the two hour run time. The chemistry between Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg is excellent.


Movie 3: Dog

This film is listed as a comedy/family film. There’s way more action and angst than you might expect! The subject matter evolves quickly into some powerful and thought provoking territory.



Movies: The Worst Person in the World, Blacklight, Death on the Nile

Movie 1: The Worst Person in the World

This uplifting film is focused on a woman seeking her career, and second thoughts! The pace is slow but overall rewarding. It’s listed as a Romance/Drama. Critics are calling it sexy, sad, funny and “a sophisticated masterpiece”. Running time is just over 2 hours. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and several British BAFTA Awards. Norwegian with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Blacklight

If you are a Liam Neeson fan you are likely to enjoy this film. He plays a shady government agent who uncovers failed conspiracy operatives. It’s listed as an Action/Mystery but be ready for violence and strong language.


Movie 3: Death on the Nile

Here is a refreshing remake of the Agatha Christi classic! It includes some violence, bloody images, and some sexual material. It’s beautifully crafted and sure to satisfy. Run time is just over two hours. Lots of twists and turns.



Movies: Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America, Moonfall, The Conductor

Movie 1: Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

Wow! Let’s talk about racial reckoning and revelations. This documentary spans racial history from slavery to modern America. It weaves lectures, anecdotes, interviews. It’s a powerful timeline of anti-Black racism. Should be required viewing.


Movie 2: Moonfall

This film plot is a Sci-fi, Action, Adventure with earthly danger! It’s a nail biter for sure. Critic reviews are all over the landscape. We found it reasonable and plausible. It’s a modern update on a cataclysmic event. Spooky yet entertaining!


Movie 3: The Conductor

This film is a block buster documentary. It is a not-to-be-missed story. It dates back decades to a time when women were rarely world class concert conductors. We found it fascinating. Run time is just over 2 hours.



Movies: The King’s Daughter, Rifkin’s Festival, The Velvet Queen

Movie 1: The King’s Daughter

This film is rated PG. There is some violence and suggestive material. King Louis the 14th manages to capture a mermaid with magic powers. Some critics are calling it a phenomenal film. It’s listed as a magic fantasy adventure. It’s a charming period film that’s likely to become a modern classic. Run time is 90 minutes.


Movie 2: Rifkin’s Festival

Here’s another film with a lot going on! It’s listed as a Comedy but its so much more. Beautiful cinematography of San Sabastian Spain and its famous film festival. Some strong language, a bit of sexual material, a bit of drug use. Add a couple of affairs and 90 minutes will fly by! Thanks Woody Allen!


Movie 3: The Velvet Queen

This film is especially worthy of its audience! The run time is only 92 minutes but this Documentary is guaranteed to overwhelm audiences with rare footage of Tibetan Snow Leopards in their natural high mountain environment. French with English subtitles.