Movies: Pieces of a Woman, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, An Imperfect Murder

Movie 1: Pieces of a Woman

This drama was first released in 2018 as a stage play. It was released in 2020 as a drama film. It has an exceptional cast and an extraordinary script. That said, be warned, it’s not easy to watch. The subject matter becomes intense with powerful tension and anguish. It’s emotional and gut wrenching.


Movie 2: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

This is a fascinating and unique film about the British island of Guernsey in 1946, then occupied by Germany during WWII. It has an exceptional story to tell. It’s a Netflix production based on the novel by the same name. Along with a fascinating little known history lesson, it’s inspiring, with just the right balance of romance and history.




Movie 3: An Imperfect Murder

The quick commentary on this film is fast and easy to understand.  It’s a terrible film about a terrible murder.  It is a WASTE of time.  It’s simply awful.  Shame on Netflix and Amazon!  They both know better!



Movies: Death to 2020, Unknown, Bridgerton

Movie 1: Death to 2020

It’s listed as a ‘Mockumentary’ (it’s unclear if that is a real word or not). That said, it is the cast that makes this film work! Samuel Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow, Tracy Allman and Samson Kayo are the headliners.

Overall, it’s dark humor and a fitting reflection on a horrid year overall.


Movie 2: Unknown

Surprisingly enough we first saw this film when it was released into “real theaters” 10 years ago (2011). It’s current release by Netflix is the original film. It’s a drama, mystery. Overall it’s well done and worthy of your time if you missed it last decade.


Movie 3: Bridgerton: Season 1 (8 Part Netflix Series)

This 8 part Netflix mini series is set during the Regency era in England. It’s a fascinating look at a time in history that most of us know little about. That said, this film is focused on the lives of the Royal aristocracy. It takes a light hand compared to the history books. Nonetheless it is well worth watching.



Movies: The Midnight Sky, After We Collided, The Professor and the Madman

Movie 1: The Midnight Sky

This film was thought provoking and intriguing. It was also tedious and apocalyptic. That said, the film deserves a watch. Be patient and forgiving and go along for the ride. It’s not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.


Movie 2: After We Collided

If you are in the mood for a little romance, this might be worth your time. Otherwise, it might make sense to seek some other form of entertainment. That said…it bears disclosure that we are not the targeted audience.

That also said…if you are interested in post hot yoga shower sex or similar activities… We decided it was cringe worthy at best. We found it worthy of a glass of wine but that’s about it.


Movie 3: The Professor and the Madman

Now this film is worthy of some serious contemplation! It’s intelligent, based on true events about the creation of the English Oxford dictionary, with a great cast including Mel Gibson, Sean Penn and dozens of others. It’s a biographical drama that should not be missed.



Movies: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, The Beast (La Belva), The Life Ahead

Movie 1: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

This exceptional film is set in 1927 Chicago. This remake of a Broadway production is the story about a tough soulful blues singer who carves out a career during very difficult times and conditions. Viola Davis morphs into the character. It’s astonishing! Oscar material!! Don’t miss it.


Movie 2: The Beast (La Belva)

This is a unique Italian film. It is focused on a special forces veteran who comes out of retirement to protect his daughter from kidnapers. It’s tough to watch but well worth the time. It’s quite violent at times but there are also moments of caring. It was dubbed in English from Italian.


Movie 3: The Life Ahead

Here’s a very unique film staring Sophia Loren! It’s the story about love and tolerance of an aging Holocaust survivor and a young Senegal immigrant. It’s been described as a fitting tour de force achievement for Ms. Loren. We agree.



Movies: Triple 9, Rust Creek, Ghosts of War, Canvas

Movie 1: Triple 9

Well…it’s quite the wild ride. It’s an energetic bank robbery filled with lots of action and a lame plot. All action, very little substance.

The screenplay simply does not translate to the big screen! Pun intended…


Movie 2: Rust Creek

This fascinating film is based on a true story. That’s what makes it interesting. A college student gets lost in remote Appalachian Kentucky. The local authorities are not what they seem and the bad guys have mixed intentions.


Movie 3: Ghosts of War

Haunted mansion! Yup! Believable…nope! Crazy Nazis. Crazier spirits abound! Unless you are serious Sci/Fi fans we suggest skipping this one.


Movie 4: Canvas

This animated short film (9 minutes) is simply spectacular! Do not miss it if at all possible.


Movies: Ava, Jingle Jangle, The Prom

Movie 1 Title: Ava

Oh my! Where to begin. It’s an intriguing thriller! It boasts a good cast: Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, John Malkovich and Gena Davis. Yes, it’s less than perfect and the storyline bobbles around a bit too much. But…its energy and hutzpah is worth the watch.


Movie 2 Title: Jingle Jangle

What a delightful film. It’s a charming Christmas story with positive messages. Its story is appropriate for most age groups but it might be a bit much for young children as it runs a full two hours. The costumes, sets and cinematography are gorgeous.


Movie 3 Title: The Prom

Here’s another charming, entertaining film packed with soundbites that are current, often hilarious and thought provoking. The story and production are a blast to watch. Occasionally challenging but well worth your time.



Movies: The 12th Man, Mosul, Hillbilly Elegy

Movie 1: The 12th Man

This fascinating movie is based on real events about 12 resistance fighters in Norway during the end of World War II. It’s a riveting story about espionage and survival. It’s unique, often beautiful but also sometimes difficult to watch. A must watch for history buffs. Norwegian and German with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Mosul

This Netflix film is laser focused on the last days of the Isis attempt to conquer Iraq. Overall, it’s a mixed bag. Often confusing, intense and difficult to absorb. It’s also revealing, destructive and quite overwhelming. Arabic with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Hillbilly Elegy

This is a fascinating and riveting film about three generations of a family’s life set in rural Kentucky and Ohio. It boasts a great cast including Glen Close, Amy Adams along with dozens of others.

It’s based on the bestselling book by the same name. It can be difficult to watch at times and occasionally overwhelming but the excellent acting compensates.



Movies: A Yellow Bird, Rogue City, His House

Movie 1: A Yellow Bird

This 2016 production is now re-released on Netflix. It’s an odd but intriguing story about a Singaporean-Indian ex-convict and an illegal Chinese sex worker. It’s often concurrently confusing, convincing, gritty and difficult to watch. That said, it’s also unique and insightful. English and Tamil with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Rogue City

This just released Netflix film starts with a bang but soon becomes confusing. The core cast become “Bad Cops”. That means the French Cops are crooked, gangster characters. It gets confusing fast followed by lots of drama and trauma.. French dubbed in English.


Movie 3: His House

This film is unique. It’s the tale of a couple from South Sudan who immigrate to a new life in a small English town. It soon becomes a horror film with lots of unexpected twists and turns. That said there is also a soft commentary on the trauma of immigration.



Movies: Rebecca, The Exception, The Eichmann Show

WOW!  It’s quite rare to enjoy a week with THREE films!!  All Netflix films, all riveting, all powerful, all instant classics!  Enjoy!!  J&J

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Movie 1: Rebecca

This film is based on the Daphne du Maurier novel with overtones of Alfred Hitchcock… It boasts a great cast, a retro vibe and classic contrast between the 1940s and 2020. Beautiful sets and cinematography. Don’t miss it!


Movie 2: The Exception

This period romance is also a war drama featuring Christopher Plummer and an impressive supporting cast. It’s a riveting production with filled with history, a bit of nudity and brief violence.


Movie 3: The Eichmann Show

It’s the story of the four month long trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in 1961 Jerusalem for war crimes. The “behind the scenes” true story is riveting and exhausting. It’s set one year after Eichmann was apprehended from Argentina.



Movies: The Trial of the Chicago 7, Oloture, War Machine

Movie 1: The Trial of the Chicago 7

This film is a timely throw back to the infamous 1969 trials of seven defendants charged by the government with conspiracy to undermine the government. Sound familiar?!? Given our current events, this is a must see film currently available on Netflix. The Oscar race starts NOW.


Movie 2: Oloture

Well now…where does one start to describe this film? In general it’s based on sex trafficking in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s quite gritty and difficult to watch. It is often brutally violent and frankly quite hard to tolerate. That said, it’s based on real situations. This film is in heavily accented English so the English subtitles are most helpful.


Movie 3: War Machine

This film is “loosely” based on real events. It’s set in Afghanistan with US and NATO forces. It’s supposed to be a satirical portrait of the region’s war. It ends up being a commentary on global conflict and failed multinational management. That said, Brad Pitt’s portrayal as General McCrystal is surprisingly realistic!