Movies: The Trial of the Chicago 7, Oloture, War Machine

Movie 1: The Trial of the Chicago 7

This film is a timely throw back to the infamous 1969 trials of seven defendants charged by the government with conspiracy to undermine the government. Sound familiar?!? Given our current events, this is a must see film currently available on Netflix. The Oscar race starts NOW.


Movie 2: Oloture

Well now…where does one start to describe this film? In general it’s based on sex trafficking in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s quite gritty and difficult to watch. It is often brutally violent and frankly quite hard to tolerate. That said, it’s based on real situations. This film is in heavily accented English so the English subtitles are most helpful.


Movie 3: War Machine

This film is “loosely” based on real events. It’s set in Afghanistan with US and NATO forces. It’s supposed to be a satirical portrait of the region’s war. It ends up being a commentary on global conflict and failed multinational management. That said, Brad Pitt’s portrayal as General McCrystal is surprisingly realistic!



Movies: Welcome to Sudden Death, The Siege of Jadotville, Sand Castle

Movie 1: Welcome to Sudden Death

It has been called “the latest low rent action film”, “disposable”. Yes it’s a campy throw back to Claude Van Damme’s idea of an action film. It’s actually a bit too campy. The best thing to be said about this movie is it gave several very bad actors temporary employment.


Movie 2: The Siege of Jadotville

Now we are talking!! It’s the true story about the “Congo Crisis” in September 1961 where 157 Irishmen routed a force of 3,000 attackers. Ireland remarkably suffered no fatalities. It’s an incredible story.


Movie 3: Sand Castle

Here is another good film. This film is set in the early years of the “American-Iraqi conflict”. It’s not a children appropriate film due to “actual footage”, “snipers”, “massive explosions, hand-to-hand combat and so on”. That said, it’s a powerful reminder of recent history.



Movies: The Boys in the Band, The Outpost, The Invisible Guest

Movie 1: The Boys in the Band

This remake based on the 1968 original is updated by an all star cast, including Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer and Andrew Rannells. It’s pretty true to the original with an extra “bite” in the script. Kudos to Netflix for this one!


Movie 2: The Outpost

This film is based on the book “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor”. It takes place in the deep interior of Afghanistan where American soldiers battled Taliban fighters over a 19 year period. It’s painful to watch but important history.


Movie 3: The Invisible Guest

This Spanish production is a Thriller/Mystery filled with more ‘who did what to whom’ than your ordinary whodunnit. The story line zips along at a rabid pace! It’s quite unique and inventive. Spanish with English subtitles.



Movies: The Social Dilemma, In The Shadow of Iris, Calibre

Movie 1: The Social Dilemma

Let’s face it…in our heart of hearts we all probably suspected that social media might some day leverage too much influence in our lives; i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. The reality is these icons of modern social media manipulate human behavior and then deliver fresh crops of new consumers to advertisers, propagandists and such. This is a MUST WATCH documentary. Available on Netflix and other social media.


Movie 2: In The Shadow of Iris

Oh my!! How shall one describe this most unusual film?! Mostly set in Paris it’s an erotic thriller that does not hold much back from the audience. That said…we found it often difficult to watch. Sometimes less is more…….. French with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Calibre

This mystery thriller is set mostly in the remote Scotland Highlands. It gets confusing and confounding at the same time. It’s also thought provoking and somewhat insightful in an odd way. Overall, its worth watching.



Movies: The Take (Bastille Day), Enola Holmes, The Crimes That Bind

First a BIG HELLO to our readers.  Its been quite a crazy several months…Yes!?  We hope this note finds everyone of our viewers in GOOD HEALTH and surrounded by love and support!!

We have had several readers ask about our movie sources.  NO we have not been to a conventional theater since March 2020.  Our primary source is Comcast on Demand with a heavy reliance on Netflix.  Occasionally, friends suggest sources they have discovered.  Those are often our favorites.  This week is a good example.


Best wishes and much love,


PS….We are Great Uncles….again!!  Adam and Jennifer Rusniak have new baby Mila.  She’s quite a cutie!! 

Movie 1 Title: The Take (Bastille Day)

First…please allow us to clarify…the film we viewed under the title The Take was released in the US on Netflix. The same British Spy movie was released in Europe under the title Bastille Day.

That said we found the story intriguing. The acting holds the storyline in place. Idris Elba shines in the leading role. It succeeds as a thriller.


Movie 2 Title: Enola Holmes

First, this story is told from Sherlock Holmes sister’s perspective. That’s a twist on the usual Sherlock Holmes point of view. It’s an updated approach with excellent cinematography. It’s easy to watch. It’s a mixed bag of mystery, activism, romance and history with just the right touch of energy.


Movie 3 Title: The Crimes That Bind

It’s filmed in Buenos Aires, with Spanish dubbed in English. (Also available in English with Spanish subtitles.) Ultimately it’s the story about the age old struggle for dominance between the sexes and family conflict.



Movies: Project Power, The Devil All The Time, The Paramedic

Movie 1: Project Power

Here’s an action suspense film filled with violence, plenty of blood and intrigue. Set in New Orleans with an excellent cast of characters. It will challenge traditional logic and stereotypes making it inventive and thought provoking.


Movie 2: The Devil All The Time

One part thriller, one part mystery, it has a Southern Gothic film noir quality. It’s not always easy to watch. It’s set in a town where corruption and sinister characters are plentiful.


Movie 3: The Paramedic

Our pick of the week is filled with intrigue, deceit, a failing relationship and so much more. It’s hard to tell whose character is worse, his or hers. It’s unique with a good Spanish production. Dubbed in English from the original Spanish.



Movies: Alone in Berlin, The Operative

Movie 1: Alone in Berlin

This 2016 film release is based on real events set in the 1940’s. Excellent acting coupled with gripping real experiences. It is a powerful reminder of the world not so long ago. It’s not always easy to watch. See it anyway. Netflix.


Movie 2 : The Operative

It’s a extraordinary twist where a rogue spy from Israel’s formidable intelligence force Mossad casts broad suspicion. It’s sometimes baffling, sometimes confusing, but consistently entertaining with excellent acting. English, French, Hebrew and German with English subtitles.


TRAVEL: San Francisco Zoo

After much encouragement from the citizens of San Francisco, the Mayor agreed to open the San Francisco Zoo.  Close friends who are annual members were kind enough to gift us Passes and Parking!!

We have not been to this zoo in literally decades!!  It was a welcomed and enjoyable distraction from our rather mundane and tedious routine of the last many months!

We hope you enjoy the attached photos.



Movies: Plagues of Breslau, Devil’s Mistress, The Hater

Movie 1: Plagues of Breslau

This Polish production yields a unique look at female police officers stalking a serial killer. It’s a rare peek into Polish cinematic psychopaths. Some of the scenes are quite grotesque, albeit inventive, but nonetheless disturbing to watch. Polish dubbed in English.


Movie 2: Devil’s Mistress

This film is a Czech production about a romance between a popular Czech film star who enters into a relationship with Joseph Goebbels. It’s quite intriguing. Told from a unique perspective. It’s been heavily edited resulting in the loss of 20 minutes compared to the UK version. It’s well worth watching nonetheless. Czech and German with English subtitles.


Movie 3: The Hater

This Polish film is a dark look at the world of social media and its dark underbelly. It’s based on the 2011 sequel Suicide Room. It recently won awards at the Tribeca Film Festival for Best International film. Nonetheless, this film seems targeted towards younger audiences. Dubbed in English from the original Polish.



Movies: Fatal Affair, Mucho Mucho Amor, November Criminals

Movie 1: Fatal Affair

Ready for a melodrama? This one is a zinger! It’s concurrently creepy, scary, steamy, suspenseful and more than a bit intense. One does NOT mess around with another’s spouse without consequences!


Movie 2 : Mucho Mucho Amor

The full title of the film is “Mucho Mucho Amor The Legend of Walter Mercado“. It’s a documentary about the legendary Latin TV star from Ponce, Puerto Rico, born in 1933. He was an astrologer, entertainer, a larger than life celebrity and a truly unique personality and loved by his audiences. A talented superstar. Well worth seeking out. Currently a Netflix release and our pick of the week! English and Spanish with English subtitles.


Movie 3 : November Criminals

This film is a few years old but it’s still attracting audiences. It’s a high school murder mystery whodunit. It’s a well done coming of age film filled with energy, intrigue and a bit of drama with good on screen chemistry.