Cargo, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Moving On

Movie 1: Cargo

This 2018 Netflix movie, while a horror film, is really very touching and well done. During a worldwide pandemic, a father wonders the outback in Australia looking for someone to care for his daughter. After what we’ve all been through these past few years, we found this movie scary, realistic and at times heartbreaking. Currently on Netflix.


Movie 2: Shazam! Fury of the Gods

This is yet another DC Comics superhero film. The special effects, acting and script are nothing particularly special, but it is entertaining and lighthearted. And it’s always fun to see Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu.


Movie 3: Moving On

While this movie definitely has some laughs, it is by no means a comedy. There is a lot going on here. Lifelong friends reunite at a friend’s funeral. The writing and acting are wonderful. The chemistry between Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda is real and very special. We truly enjoyed this movie.


Scream VI, Linoleum, Inside

Movie 1: Scream VI

Well, we walked out of Scream V, so we aren’t exactly sure how/why we ended up at Scream VI. The good news is it was raining heavily, and we did not walk out. The bad news is it was raining heavily, and we did not walk out.


Movie 2: Linoleum

This is a surreal, quasi sci-fi drama, about a failing TV science host, an asteroid that falls in his backyard, and his relationship with his family. There were some interesting moments, and the script well written, but overall confusing. And it wasn’t until the last scene that we figured out what was going on.


Movie 3: Inside

An art thief is dropped off at a huge Manhattan penthouse to steal millions of dollars worth of art. He finds himself trapped and locked in the apartment. This is a tour de force for Willem Dafoe, who is literally the only actor in the movie. It started out very interesting with a good premise, but quickly gets bogged down.


Luther: the Fallen Sun, 65, Champions

Movie 1: Luther: the Fallen Sun

This is a crime thriller that is a continuation of a British television series of the same name. A psychopathic killer is terrorizing London. Very good acting, script and cinematography. Idris Elba is very good as the detective trying to stop the killer. On Netflix.


Movie 2: 65

This is a big budget sci-fi thriller set 65 million years ago. Humans from another planet crash land on earth and try to get back to their home planet. It’s a bit confusing at times and rather dark, and we’ve seen better dinosaurs in other movies, but overall entertaining.


Movie 3: Champions

What a pleasant surprise! This movie is based on the Spanish film Campeones. A former minor league basketball coach is court-ordered to coach a team of special needs kids, with the goal of reaching the Special Olympics. This is a feel good sports movie. Woody Harrelson is perfect as the coach.


Of an Age, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, The Strays

Movie 1: Of an Age

This is an Australian romantic drama, set in the summer of 1999. An 18 year old Serbian immigrant has a brief, but intense, romance with his dance partner’s older brother. The performances are very powerful. A major drawback was the sound. This movie needed subtitles. We did not understand a third of the dialogue due to the heavy accents.


Movie 2: Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

This movie is a lot of fun! A team of spies hire a famous Hollywood actor to help them track down arms dealers. The chase is literally all over the world. Great scenery, quick and witty dialogue. The movie does not take itself seriously. Enjoy the ride.


Movie 3: The Strays

This British movie was a disappointment. A middle class suburban wife, who leaves her two children from a previous marriage, has her new life upended when the kids ring her doorbell. It started out very interesting, but by the end just seemed shallow and naive. On Netflix.


We Have a Ghost, My Happy Ending, Creed III

Movie 1: We Have a Ghost

A family moves into their new home to discover Ernest, a ghost, lives there also. This is a ‘supernatural’ comedy that is based on the 2017 novel Ernest, by Geoff Manaugh. Given that this is a story about a ghost, it really is very well done, funny, with good script and acting. Jennifer Coolidge is wonderful. On Netflix.


Movie 2: My Happy Ending

This is a British drama, both heartwarming and humorous, about four women who bond while having chemo treatments. It is not always easy to watch, but the writing and sincere performances make it an enjoyable movie. In theatres now with no potential streaming information available.


Movie 3: Creed III

This is the third boxing drama in the Creed series. It was also Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut. Not being boxing fans at all, we think this is the best of the series so far. It’s not just about boxing. There is a subtle, gentle, humanness to it also.


The Quiet Girl, Cocaine Bear, Emily

Movie 1: The Quiet Girl

This is a heart-wrenching, yet very satisfying Irish drama about a nine year old girl who spends the summer with distant relatives. While her family at home is dysfunctional at best, she learns a whole new way of life on a rural farm. Beautiful cinematography. This is the first ever Irish language film nominated for an Oscar. In Irish Gaelic (a rarity in movies) and English with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Cocaine Bear

This movie is loosely based on the 1985 real life event of a 200 pound black bear who ingests a large amount of cocaine in the Georgia mountains. The bear goes on a sometimes funny rampage. We really wanted to like this movie more considering cast and director are all top notch. It is entertaining, and the audience we saw it with laughed and applauded. We just thought it was ok. Definitely not for children. Sadly, this was Ray Liotta’s last movie.


Movie 3: Emily

This is a British biographical movie, part fictional, that portrays the life and relationship of English writer Emily Bronte. The misty and brooding English countryside enhances the slow pace of this movie. Emma Mackey, who portrays Emily Bronte, is exceptionally good.


Sharper, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Navalny

Movie 1: Sharper

This is an excellent and clever who-done-it thriller. It’s a slick con game with impeccable acting. Con artists in New York City try to get a billionaire’s fortune. We loved it. Unfortunately, this movie is in very limited theatrical release. Streaming on Apple TV+.


Movie 2: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

This is yet another superhero film based on the Marvel comics. This is the third film in the Ant Man series, and the least satisfying. Even though the performances and visuals were ok, we found the story dark and confusing. Entertaining enough, but definitely no block buster.


Movie 3: Navalny

This is a fascinating CNN Documentary, filmed as the story unfolds, about the Russian opposition leader Alexi Navalny. It follows his life and career from near assassination by poisoning to his arrest at the Moscow airport and subsequent imprisonment in 2020. It just won the Bafta Award last week in London for the Best Documentary. It should also win the Oscar next month. This is powerful, truthful film making. Russian and English, with English subtitles. In theatres and HBO Max.


Marlowe, The Blue Caftan, 2 Guns

Movie 1: Marlowe

This is a dark crime thriller based on the 2014 novel The Black-Eyed Blonde by John Banville. It had its premiere at the 2022 San Sabastian Film Festival to mixed reviews. Liam Neeson plays a detective trying to solve a murder. The setting, costumes and cinematography of 1920’s Los Angeles are wonderful. We wanted to really like this movie, but it ends up being way too confusing. Not one of Neeson’s best. But it is fun seeing Jessica Lange again.


Movie 2: The Blue Caftan

This is a beautiful Moroccan drama set in the old medina in the city of Sale. A husband and wife create handmaid caftans. The romantic intrigue between the tailor and his assistant is subtle and moving. The cinematography draws you into the story from the opening scene. A very warm, gentle side of Islam we rarely get to see. Arabic with English subtitles.


Movie 3: 2 Guns

In this 2013 movie, a Naval Intelligence Officer and a DEA Agent work undercover to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg make a really good team together. A very entertaining couple of hours. On Netflix.


Knock at the Cabin, RRR, Your Place or Mine

Movie 1: Knock at the Cabin

This scary movie is based on the 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul G. Trembly. Four strangers come knocking on a cabin door in the Pennsylvania woods, and the folks inside must make a choice to save humanity. M. Night Shyamalan (The Happening, Signs, The Village) is always good at making creepy and scary movies. This one does not disappoint.


Movie 2: RRR

This is an epic Indian drama in the best tradition of Bollywood. Set during the British Raj of the 1920’s, two friends try to unite the country to throw the British out. This much acclaimed movie has broken box office records around the world but has had limited US distribution. On Netflix and in English, with a whopping run time of three hours and five minutes. If you aren’t familiar with Indian movies, this is a great introduction.


Movie 3: Your Place or Mine

This romantic comedy follows the lives of two best friends who spent one night together 20 years ago. One lives in LA and the other New York. Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher have good chemistry together. This movie won’t win any awards, but it is entertaining. On Netflix.


80 for Brady, Close, One Fine Morning

Movie 1: 80 for Brady

This is a heartwarming story about the enduring friendship of four friends in or near their 80’s, who happen to be diehard New England Patriots fans and want to attend the 2017 Super Bowl. While not great film making, this movie is a lot of fun.


Movie 2: Close

This is a stunningly poignant story about friendship and innocent intimacy between two thirteen year old boys. It won the second most prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival as well as numerous Grand Prize awards at Gay Film Festivals around the world. It’s nominated for Best Foreign Language film at this year’s Academy Awards. It truly is special. From Belgium, in French and some Dutch, with English subtitles. In limited theatres now, soon to be streaming on MUBI.


Movie 3: One Fine Morning

This is a French drama that tugs at your heart. A single mother tries to take care of her eight year old daughter, a father with a neurodegenerative disease and herself, all while falling in love with a married friend. Lea Seydoux (from 007 No Time to Die) turns in a wonderful performance. French with English subtitles.