Movies: Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America, Moonfall, The Conductor

Movie 1: Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

Wow! Let’s talk about racial reckoning and revelations. This documentary spans racial history from slavery to modern America. It weaves lectures, anecdotes, interviews. It’s a powerful timeline of anti-Black racism. Should be required viewing.


Movie 2: Moonfall

This film plot is a Sci-fi, Action, Adventure with earthly danger! It’s a nail biter for sure. Critic reviews are all over the landscape. We found it reasonable and plausible. It’s a modern update on a cataclysmic event. Spooky yet entertaining!


Movie 3: The Conductor

This film is a block buster documentary. It is a not-to-be-missed story. It dates back decades to a time when women were rarely world class concert conductors. We found it fascinating. Run time is just over 2 hours.



Movies: The King’s Daughter, Rifkin’s Festival, The Velvet Queen

Movie 1: The King’s Daughter

This film is rated PG. There is some violence and suggestive material. King Louis the 14th manages to capture a mermaid with magic powers. Some critics are calling it a phenomenal film. It’s listed as a magic fantasy adventure. It’s a charming period film that’s likely to become a modern classic. Run time is 90 minutes.


Movie 2: Rifkin’s Festival

Here’s another film with a lot going on! It’s listed as a Comedy but its so much more. Beautiful cinematography of San Sabastian Spain and its famous film festival. Some strong language, a bit of sexual material, a bit of drug use. Add a couple of affairs and 90 minutes will fly by! Thanks Woody Allen!


Movie 3: The Velvet Queen

This film is especially worthy of its audience! The run time is only 92 minutes but this Documentary is guaranteed to overwhelm audiences with rare footage of Tibetan Snow Leopards in their natural high mountain environment. French with English subtitles.



Movies: Wolf, Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom, Belle

Movie 1: Wolf

This film was released in December 2021. It’s a horror film that is rated R for Nudity, Language, Sexuality and Abusive Behavior. It’s an odd premise where young adults with personality disorders project animal like behavior. It’s pretty grisly. Thank goodness it only runs for 90 minutes. That said some critics are calling it a timeless classic. We suggest do not waist your time.


Movie 2: Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom

Here’s something worthy of watching! It’s a Drama/Adventure with a run time just under two hours. It’s a 2020 film release. It’s set in a remote Bhutanese school. It’s a charming story about a dream to visit Australia. Yes a bit odd but the drop dead gorgeous Himalayas settings are fabulous. Dzongkha (Bhutan) with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Belle

Here is an intriguing animation film from Japan. Much to our surprise it’s rated PG but be aware the content varies from Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Romance to a Musical. Surprisingly enough it is based on the Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tale. Run time is 1 hour, 31 minutes. Japanese with English subtitles.



Movies: The 355, Parallel Mothers, Munich the Edge of War

Movie 1: The 355

Wow! Looking for a great movie to watch?! Check out this Action Thriller with a dose of Mystery. It’s got a great cast of women actors and an intriguing plot. Know the production includes strong violence and strong language. There’s plenty of intrigue and surprise, including all the right ingredients a fierce female spy thriller should have.


Movie 2: Parallel Mothers

This film by Pedro Almodovar is a unique drama featuring two strong female characters played by Penelope Cruz and Rossy de Palma who both deliver impressive performances. It’s an interesting screenplay with two concurrent themes and plots. Spanish with English titles.


Movie 3: Munich the Edge of War

Here is a fascinating film. It’s a Historical Drama set in 1938 when Hitler is about to attack Czechoslovakia. It’s not a perfectly accurate picture of WWII events but it is a pretty riveting rendition of what real events may have been like. Jeremy Irons is excellent as Neville Chamberlain. Currently in theatres and Netflix.



Movies: Crooked House, The Angel, The Zookeeper’s Wife

Movie 1: Crooked House

Originally released in 2017, this Agatha Christie Mystery/Drama/Thriller is already a classic. It’s rated PG-13 for Sexual Content and Thematic Material. It’s a throw back to other mystery/drama films with lots of “who dunnit” moments. If you like Agatha Christie, you will enjoy this film. Run time is just under 2 hours. NETFLIX.


Movie 2: The Angel

Another Mystery, Thriller, Drama from Netflix earns high marks from viewers and critics a like. It’s based on true events in the 1970s between Egypt and Israel. This was a fascinating peek into the Mideast conflict. English with some Arabic and English subtitles.


Movie 3: The Zookeeper’s Wife

It’s listed as a War/Drama set in 1939 Nazi occupied Warsaw Poland. Arguably one of the best WWII films to date. Add a wartime ghetto, numerous characters, a powerful resistance and the survival of the local zoo. A not to be missed Netflix film!



Movies: Operation Hyacinth, Official Secrets, Yara

Note:  All movies below can be found on Netflix.

Movie 1: Operation Hyacinth

This is considered a neo-masterpiece with exceptional writing and cinematography. It’s set in the 1980’s under Poland’s communist regime where the Secret Police rounded up homosexuals to torture, imprison or blackmail. Based on true events. Original is in Polish; we watched the dubbed English version.


Movie 2: Official Secrets

(We first reviewed this film in September 2019.) This film is based on true events from the Bush and Blair administration. The US and British Intelligence ensnare UN Security Council members with blackmail to approve the invasion of Iraq.

It’s masterful film making and a reminder of a dark chapter in global events. Keira Knightley is superb.


Movie 3: Yara

This Italian film is based on a true kidnapping story that gripped the nation. It’s not easy to watch but well worth the time. It’s intriguing, heart breaking and sometimes difficult viewing. It’s listed as a crime drama. Italian with English subtitles.



Movies: The Tragedy of MacBeth, Sing 2, G Storm

Movie 1: The Tragedy of MacBeth

This is an exceptional film about one of the most spectacular plays Shakespeare ever created, Macbeth! That said, an understanding of its story, themes and characters will enhance audience experiences. The cast is expansive with Denzel Washington as Macbeth, Frances McDormand as Lady Macbeth, Corey Hawkins as Macduff and so on… It’s listed as a Drama/Thriller with a run time of 1 hour, 40 minutes. The black and white cinematography, sets and costumes are stunning!


Movie 2: Sing 2

In the mood for something a bit lighter?!? This computer-animated musical comedy is the sequel to the 2016 hit. Animated character Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) the All-Star host manages to attract the most talented guest acts to perform for a world wide audience. It’s a PG Comedy/Musical running just under 2 hours!


Movie 3: G Storm

Just released Thriller/Action/Mystery from Hong Kong. A smuggling case accidentally overlaps into a murder mystery. Think of it as a Chinese version of CSI. Cantonese with English subtitles.



Movies: Licorice Pizza, Drive My Car, Death to 2021

Movie 1: Licorice Pizza

This Drama/Comedy is set in 1970s where Alana and Gary grow up in the San Fernando Valley of California. It was in the era of pinball machines, waterbeds and gas shortages. It has a great sound track and bit parts by folks like Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, and Alana Haim. If you are in the mood for a flash back, don’t miss this two hour film. Rated R.


Movie 2: Drive My Car

This film is a 2021 release of a Japanese drama based on a short story by the same name. It’s a unique but simple story about the loss of a wife, followed by a need for a new chauffeur. It’s a fascinating story about love lost and moving on with life. It’s one minute short of three hours. Well worth it! Could very well win the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Japanese with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Death to 2021

What a fitting way to end the year!! In the mood for a dark ‘mockumentary’?? Here’s a comedic reflection with talking heads and comedic retrospectives. It’s on Netflix and has an all star cast including Hugh Grant, Lucy Lui and Tracy Ullman! All in one hour!!



Movies: The Tender Bar, A Boy Called Christmas, The King’s Man

Movie 1: The Tender Bar

Here’s an intriguing film based on the Pulitzer Prize book by the same name. It’s set in 1972 when a 9 year old J.R. moves in with his bar tender Uncle Charlie. It’s listed as a Comedy, Drama. It’s rated R for Language and Sexual content. (It’s not suitable for children.) George Clooney does a good job of directing.


Movie 2: A Boy Called Christmas

The title is a bit misleading. The Boy’s name is Nicolas. He’s an ordinary boy with a pet mouse and a reindeer. It’s a simple story supported by a hefty cast. Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent, Toby Jones and several others. It’s based on the 2015 book by the same name. This movie can be found on Netflix.


Movie 3: The King’s Man

First…it’s an odd plot…tyrants and criminal masterminds from around the world want to kill millions of people around the world (for no seemingly logical reason). It’s listed as an Action /Adventure running just over two hours. This is the prequel to the highly rated Kingsmen movies. Rated R.



Movies: The Guilty, Red Rocket, The Matrix Resurrection

Movie 1: The Guilty

This R rated film is listed as a mystery, thriller, crime, drama. The acting is pretty good. Jake Gyllenhaal, a 911 operator, and Ethan Hawke deliver believable characters. It’s currently available on Netflix.


Movie 2: Red Rocket

This film is listed as a Comedy/Drama. It’s rated R for graphic nudity, drug use and sexual content. It’s about an aging LA porn star who goes home to Oklahoma to his aging porn star wife! Critics loved this film. We don’t think it’s worth the two hour run time.


Movie 3: The Matrix Resurrections

Clearly the best film of the week! Don’t be distracted by the language and violence. It will all make sense in time and place. Lots of surprises from Neo (Keanu Reeves). We do not recommend this film for younger children. It appears to be intended as the ending of the Matrix franchise…we’ll see…!