Movies: F9 The Fast Saga, Pig, The Boss Baby 2 Family Business

Movie 1: F9 The Fast Saga

It takes more than a moment to decipher the title. The studios would like to characterize this latest production to be “magical”. Don’t be surprised with the “expansive expectation” the studio’s are creating…”Special” “innovative action”, “be enthralled”. Running well over two hours there is just not that much to crow about!


Movie 2: Pig

Rated R, this mystery thriller is intriguing and unique. Nicolas Cage is almost unrecognizable in his character. Critics are mixed with comments ranging from “actor’s best!” to “hamminess”. We liked it…a lot!




Movie 3: The Boss Baby 2 Family Business

It’s quite a bit of imagination to buy into the concept. It’s a sequel to the 2017 production. One critic called it “Immoral” and “as vibrant as cream of wheat”. We would agree its more than a bit goofy and not really appropriate for younger audiences.



MOVIES: Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain, I Carry You With Me, The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52

Movie 1: Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

The latest film about the famed chef Anthony Bourdain is quite overwhelming. It’s a documentary that reveals Bourdain’s quest for happiness and purpose. It’s concurrently a film about a lifetime of angst, drama and trauma! It’s mesmerizing.


Movie 2: I Carry You With Me

This Spanish language film is rated R with language and brief nudity. It’s been described as “complicated”! It was first recognized at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. It’s ultimately about a romance spanning decades.


Movie 3: The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52

Here is an interesting film/documentary about a one of a kind whale whose voice sound is at exactly 52 hertz. It’s a unique and mesmerizing story.



Movies: The Forever Purge, The Tomorrow War, Summer of Soul

Movie 1: The Forever Purge

Where to begin on this one…First know its quite violent with more than a touch of gore set as a neo Western thriller. Think of it as one part jealous anger, one part gang of killer nomads. This is 5th, and hopefully last, Purge movie in the franchise. Better yet skip the whole idea and go shopping at the nearest mall!


Movie 2: The Tomorrow War

Fasten your seat belts for this one too! Our planet is invaded by time travelers from the future who advise us earth is going to be destroyed by killer aliens 30 years in the future! It’s an interesting and action packed concept. No worries…Chris Pratt is there to save us all!


Movie 3: Summer of Soul

This extraordinary documentary is laser focused for several weeks during the summer of 1969 filming the Harlem Cultural Festival. It’s nothing short of amazing!! Sometimes called the Black Woodstock.




Movies: Queen Bees, Spirit Untamed, The Ice Road

Movie 1 : Queen Bees

Here is a most unusual film about residents in a retirement community. Hmm…let’s just say the production is a bit too accurate/authentic… After a few pissy scenes of 70 + one upmanship the production settles into a series of believable scenes. Overall, it’s a hoot and redeeming.


Movie 2: Spirit Untamed

This Action/Adventure/Animated feature is a charming delight! And why not given it’s the product of the DreamWorks Animation machine. To be fair…critics were not kind and reviews have been mixed. We thoroughly enjoyed it and do not understand the mediocre comments. We say…see it anyway!


Movie 3: The Ice Road

Ready for a little action?! Let’s start with a remote diamond mine. Followed by lots of drama and suspense. There is a quite a bit of violence and much is just action for action sake! Nonetheless it’s riveting to watch. We liked this Netflix production.



Movies: The Sparks Brothers, 12 Mighty Orphans, Lansky

Movie 1: The Sparks Brothers

It’s described as a music documentary. It’s also described as an underrated rock band. This film is so much more… It’s a rare delight on so many levels. It deserves the recognition and admiration the audiences have delivered. It’s a classic, unique and all about the music!


Movie 2: 12 Mighty Orphans

It’s an odd but true story about a Fort Worth Texas high school football team during the Great Depression. It’s occasionally violent and somewhat difficult to watch. Ultimately redeeming with a legacy that still exists in Austin, Texas today.


Movie 3: Lansky

Harvey Keitel’s stellar performance makes this film work! The real life Lansky was an underworld gangster in Florida. The film is loaded with bloody violence. It’s often quite difficult to watch.

That said, Keitel’s performance carries the show overall. It’s fascinating, deplorable, and concurrently mesmerizing. That said it is not appropriate for young audiences.



Movies: Xtreme, In The Heights, Peter Rabbit 2

Movie 1: Xtreme

Here’s a Netflix film for anyone who needs a good old film packed with violence, murder and seemingly endless thriller/action. Spanish with English subtitles. Be prepared…everything is extreme!


Movie 2: In The Heights

The Heights is a thoroughly entertaining non stop theater production about a vibrant New York neighborhood and its life long residents. There is more than something for everyone. It’s a tight knit community where there are deep roots, encouragement, support and talent! Simply a great way to spend 143 minutes.


Movie 3: Peter Rabbit 2

Here’s a good old fashioned story, now a fun adventure version sure to become part of the original classic fantasy. And a PG rating!



MOVIES: Cruella, A Quite Place II, The Conjuring

Movie 1: Cruella

There’s an interesting detail behind the Cruella film. Its leading character Cruella is an unlikely choice for the Disney movie machine. After all Cruella chose to kill Dalmatian puppies and skin them for fur coats . . .

That said . . . the film is thought provoking. Sometimes surprising, other times abhorrent, mostly it’s what you would expect from a Disney film albeit with more than a tad excitement and dark behavior from some characters. The costumes and sets are stunning.

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Movie 2: A Quiet Place II

It’s the second edition of the post-apocalyptic 2018 film of the same name. Both are American horror films where blind flying aliens have developed the ability to hunt humans with a newly developed sense of hearing. Creepier and more intense than the original film. It’s listed as a Sci-Fi Drama Horror Thriller.


Movie 3: The Conjuring

Horror film, Yep! Block bluster? Of Course. Scary . . . suspense. . . of course! Non stop intense, supernatural . . . creepy . . . !! This is the fourth film in the franchise. We enjoyed the film but if you have seen one you’ve seen them all. Oye!



MOVIES: Army of the Dead, The Last Days, The Killing of Two Lovers

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Movie 1: Army of the Dead

Think twice before your next visit to Las Vegas! This film is focused on a zombie outbreak. Reviews take full advantage of the circumstances. Some scenes are down right gross, others marginally clever and a few quite amusing. Unless you are a fan of the genre or excited by endless gore, we suggest a pass on this one.


Movie 2: The Last Days

Set in 1944 Hungary when Nazi’s killed or deported nearly half a million Jews. It’s a 1998 Oscar winning documentary by Steven Spielberg. We cannot explain why it is rated PG-13…It’s not easy to watch or comprehend! That said, it should be required viewing. We saw this on Netflix.


Movie 3: The Killing of Two Lovers

Here is yet another couple headed for divorce court…nonetheless the couple agree to seek new relationships while trying to salvage their marriage. We will take no bets on how that’s going to work out!! One critic said it was brilliant but bitter. We think sad and frantic better describes the couple and their story.



MOVIES: Final Account, The Dry, Dream Horse

Movie 1: Final Account

This film is a remarkable documentary of interviews including the last generation of Hitler’s Third Reich. Some of the material is quite disturbing, often monumentally disturbing, sometimes painfully difficult to absorb. It is not to be missed! English and German with English subtitles. In theaters now.


Movie 2: The Dry

The Dry is listed as an Australian thriller. It’s rated R for violence, language. It’s based on 2016 book by the same name. It won numerous international awards. Overall it’s a murder mystery with good performances, a fair amount of angst and a hefty share of dark secrets.


Movie 3: Dream Horse

This is a charming film about a small town in Wales and the true story of a horse and a community of local supporters. It’s listed as a drama/comedy. Ultimately it’s a feel good film. It’s uplifting and well constructed. We found it fun and satisfying. Stay for the credits.



MOVIES: Spiral: Saw, Finding You, The Woman in the Window

Movie 1: Spiral: Saw

Oy! The full title is “Spiral: From the Book of Saw”. If you are a fan of torture, bloody violence, drug abuse and drug use as part of your evening entertainment then this film is right up your alley! We suggest just skipping this one.


Movie 2: Finding You

Here is a romance, drama, comedy that is sure to please. Set in Ireland with a young couple learning how to fall in love. It’s a reminder courage and integrity can create strong behaviors and develop positive relationships. Cinematography of Ireland is gorgeous.


Movie 3: The Woman in the Window

This Netflix mystery thriller is rated R (for language and violence).  It has a great cast including Amy Adams, Gary Oldman and a score of  others.  It’s based on the novel by the same name.  Our favorite critique comment is “a trashy movie trying to be classy!”