Movies: Mute, Sergio, Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile (All current Netflix releases)

Movie 1: Mute

Well now…where to begin! It’s called a “neo-noir” Science Fiction. It’s set in the near future. Unfortunately, the story and production is almost painful to watch. It’s slow, confusing and frankly…boring.


Movie 2: Sergio

Definitely our pick of the week!! It’s based on real events when a top Brazilian UN diplomat worked in East Timor and Iraq. It’s powerful. A painful reminder of tension and conflict that continues today.


Movie 3: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

This is the chronicle of crimes committed by Ted Bundy and his insane rampage against women in the late 70s to mid 80s. It’s based on the book by Elizabeth Kendall, a “long time friend” of Bundy. It’s a powerful and intense look at insanity and murder.



Movies: The Decline, The Laundromat, The Coldest Game

Movie 1: The Decline

This interesting story is a Canadian French thriller about a fatal accident that takes place in a survivalist training camp. The film is often intense, violent and surprising. It’s a shame because the tense script is mostly likable. This Netflix film was dubbed in English.


Movie 2: The Laundromat

This film has a great cast including Sharon Stone, Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas. It’s an indictment about money laundering, overseas shell companies that pander to the global rich, tax evasion, and corrupt financial systems. It’s not easy to watch but it’s also riveting. Netflix.


Movie 3: The Coldest Game

This Netflix film is based on events leading up to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. There’s plenty of good performances, angst and suspense. It’s also a powerful reminder of history and how dangerous the world was and still is.



Movies: Close, In The Shadow of the Moon, The Lovebirds

Movie 1: Close

This Netflix thriller is an Action Adventure/Mystery Suspense staring Noomi Rapace as the bad ass protector. It’s an action packed story about people that are just not all that interesting. Much of the story is not believable. It’s extremely violent but just unique enough to hold your interest.


Movie 2: In The Shadow of the Moon

This is a most unusual Sci-Fi film about time travel. It’s a serial killer mystery that wanders through time and logic. What starts as an intriguing concept evolves into a confusing mess. It becomes tedious. Keep some aspirin handy. Netflix.


Movie 3: The Lovebirds

This is a bizarre murder mystery. Yes, it’s goofy, sometimes corny, it’s not likely to win any industry awards….BUT, given the current events and the bizarre times we are enduring it might just be an anecdote for a couple of hours. It opened today on Netflix.



Movies: Ordinary Love, American Factory, Fractured

Movie 1: Ordinary Love

OMG!! If the movie making moguls only knew this would be a perfect film for today’s challenges under the pandemic!? Instead of Covid-19 this one is breast cancer. Anyone with family or friends that have coped with breast cancer will relate to this film. Great acting, a believable story. It’s ultimately a feel good film. Comcast on Demand.


Movie 2: American Factory

If you missed it like we did, this 2019 Documentary won the Oscar in its category. It’s a riveting account of a closed GM factory in Ohio replaced by a Chinese company that manufactures automobile glass. The gap between workers cultures and global industry politics make this a fascinating watch. English and Mandarin, with English subtitles. Netflix.


Movie 3: Fractured

This is an intense film with a complex plot, lots of confusion, even more cultural/social/disconnects perhaps harvested from the current craziness with a heavy dose of condemnation on the health care system. Netflix.



Movies: The Occupant, The Angel, The Photographer of Mauthausen

Movie 1:  The Occupant

This Spanish film (dubbed in English…so annoying and distracting) is unique with scenes filled with suspense and intrigue.  At the same time it is often confusing and difficult to follow.  It’s ultimately disappointing.  This film is on Netflix.



Movie 2:  The Angel

Based on the New York Times bestselling book ‘The Angel: The Egyptian Spy Who Saved Israel’ by Uri Bar-Joseph.  True stories make great films.  This one is a reminder of recent history when Middle Eastern conflicts ultimately involved much of the Western world.  It’s intense, focused on fresh perspectives and riveting to watch.  (Netflix) 


Movie 3:  The Photographer of Mauthausen

And another Netflix release making this a great film week for us.  This film is set in 1943 in the Austrian concentration camp of Mauthausen where Spain’s anti-Franco prisoners were under the control of Germany’s war machine.  It’s horrific but a compelling story that should be required viewing.  Spanish with English subtitles.



Movies: The Red Sea Diving Resort, Lost Girls, Becoming

Movie 1:  The Red Sea Diving Resort

This film is set in the 1980’s when Jewish-Ethiopian refugees fled to Israel, via Sudan, assisted by Israeli Mossad agents under the cover of night by sea.  This Netflix story is inspiring, terrifying, and a reminder much of the world still reflects racism and religious bigotry.    



Movie 2: Lost Girls

It’s based on the book by the same name, this Netflix film is also based on real unsolved events from May 2010 when a serial killer stalked sex workers and dumped the bodies in remote Long Island marsh settings.  It’s often painfully difficult to watch but also skillfully crafted.


Movie 3:  Becoming

Hands down, this is our pick of the week!  It’s an interesting peek behind the curtains of the former First Lady Michelle Obama.  The open, honest explanation of her role, her influence supporting her husband and the engagement she had with multiple generations of supporters in the public sector.  It’s riveting! 



Movies: Dangerous Lies, The Half of It, The Resistance Banker

Movie 1:  Dangerous Lies

Unfortunately this Netflix film fails on so many levels its barely worthy of a review.  It’s a shame because with a little tweaking and a few script revisions it could easily have been so much better.  It’s a mystery of sorts with a confusing mix of characters that brings confusion scene after scene.  Just skip it!


Movie 2:  The Half of It

This is an interesting and charming new release from Netflix.  It’s a quiet film about an immigrant father and daughter set in the State of Washington.  It’s a romantic drama focused on high school students.  Alice Wu is credited as the  Director, Co-Producer and Screenplay Writer.



Movie 3:  The Resistance Banker

This 2018 Netflix release is a unique peek at World War II in Amsterdam where bankers and the resistance bankers secretly funded anti-Germany activities.  It’s based on a true story of historical events.  It’s intriguing, somewhat confusing, with  tension and angst.  The only downside is English was dubbed throughout the production.




Movies: The Last Thing He Wanted, A Fall From Grace, A Secret Love

Movie 1:  The Last Thing He Wanted

This Netflix movie is based on Joan Didion’s 1996 novel.  This film is so confusing it’s nearly impossible to follow.  The story is messy on several fronts.  It centers on Iran-Contra scandals and arms deals.  Even with good acting we can’t recommend it.


Movie 2:  A Fall From Grace

Now this film is worth seeking out!   It’s a new release on Netflix.  There’s excellent acting and a believable plot.  There is plenty of mystery, suspense and surprises to satisfy most viewers.  The final scene is not to be missed.  Reviews range from “terrible” to “nuts”.  We liked it…a lot.


Movie 3:  A Secret Love

This is a remarkable and tender story about two women and their secret seven decade relationship.  The two were among the pioneers in women’s professional baseball.  The film is inspiring, ageless and long overdue.  It’s an April 29, 2020 Netflix release.




Movies: The Quarry, True History of the Kelly Gang, 6 Underground

Movie 1:  The Quarry

This film is intriguing and gritty at the same time.  It’s set in the remote landscape of West Texas.  The acting makes this film come to life.  It’s based on the novel by the same name.  Critics appear to be quite favorable.  We found it often painfully difficult to watch but mesmerized by the concept.  Let’s just say West Texas is NOT on our travel list.  This was a pay per view film from Comcast.English and Spanish with English subtitles.



Movie 2:  True History of the Kelly Gang

Now we are talking brutally difficult to watch.  The intense violence and complete insanity of the characters makes this film unique but concurrently heart breaking and appalling.  The first clue should have been bleak scenery in a remote wasteland of Victoria, Australia of the 1850’s and the disclaimer stating it was in fact NOT the true history of the period.  This was also a Comcast pay per view film.


Movie 3:  6 Underground  

This film was released mid December 2019 on Netflix.  The good news is there is nonstop action, great special effects, lots of quality action without taking itself too seriously.  The special effects are simply stunning and a centerpiece to the plot.  The acting has good chemistry and just the right balance of angst and awe.




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