Movies: Project Power, The Devil All The Time, The Paramedic

Movie 1: Project Power

Here’s an action suspense film filled with violence, plenty of blood and intrigue. Set in New Orleans with an excellent cast of characters. It will challenge traditional logic and stereotypes making it inventive and thought provoking.


Movie 2: The Devil All The Time

One part thriller, one part mystery, it has a Southern Gothic film noir quality. It’s not always easy to watch. It’s set in a town where corruption and sinister characters are plentiful.


Movie 3: The Paramedic

Our pick of the week is filled with intrigue, deceit, a failing relationship and so much more. It’s hard to tell whose character is worse, his or hers. It’s unique with a good Spanish production. Dubbed in English from the original Spanish.



Movies: Alone in Berlin, The Operative

Movie 1: Alone in Berlin

This 2016 film release is based on real events set in the 1940’s. Excellent acting coupled with gripping real experiences. It is a powerful reminder of the world not so long ago. It’s not always easy to watch. See it anyway. Netflix.


Movie 2 : The Operative

It’s a extraordinary twist where a rogue spy from Israel’s formidable intelligence force Mossad casts broad suspicion. It’s sometimes baffling, sometimes confusing, but consistently entertaining with excellent acting. English, French, Hebrew and German with English subtitles.


TRAVEL: San Francisco Zoo

After much encouragement from the citizens of San Francisco, the Mayor agreed to open the San Francisco Zoo.  Close friends who are annual members were kind enough to gift us Passes and Parking!!

We have not been to this zoo in literally decades!!  It was a welcomed and enjoyable distraction from our rather mundane and tedious routine of the last many months!

We hope you enjoy the attached photos.



Movies: Plagues of Breslau, Devil’s Mistress, The Hater

Movie 1: Plagues of Breslau

This Polish production yields a unique look at female police officers stalking a serial killer. It’s a rare peek into Polish cinematic psychopaths. Some of the scenes are quite grotesque, albeit inventive, but nonetheless disturbing to watch. Polish dubbed in English.


Movie 2: Devil’s Mistress

This film is a Czech production about a romance between a popular Czech film star who enters into a relationship with Joseph Goebbels. It’s quite intriguing. Told from a unique perspective. It’s been heavily edited resulting in the loss of 20 minutes compared to the UK version. It’s well worth watching nonetheless. Czech and German with English subtitles.


Movie 3: The Hater

This Polish film is a dark look at the world of social media and its dark underbelly. It’s based on the 2011 sequel Suicide Room. It recently won awards at the Tribeca Film Festival for Best International film. Nonetheless, this film seems targeted towards younger audiences. Dubbed in English from the original Polish.



Movies: Fatal Affair, Mucho Mucho Amor, November Criminals

Movie 1: Fatal Affair

Ready for a melodrama? This one is a zinger! It’s concurrently creepy, scary, steamy, suspenseful and more than a bit intense. One does NOT mess around with another’s spouse without consequences!


Movie 2 : Mucho Mucho Amor

The full title of the film is “Mucho Mucho Amor The Legend of Walter Mercado“. It’s a documentary about the legendary Latin TV star from Ponce, Puerto Rico, born in 1933. He was an astrologer, entertainer, a larger than life celebrity and a truly unique personality and loved by his audiences. A talented superstar. Well worth seeking out. Currently a Netflix release and our pick of the week! English and Spanish with English subtitles.


Movie 3 : November Criminals

This film is a few years old but it’s still attracting audiences. It’s a high school murder mystery whodunit. It’s a well done coming of age film filled with energy, intrigue and a bit of drama with good on screen chemistry.



Movies: The Old Guard, The Town, Bad Education

Movie 1: The Old Guard

This is a unique and impressive action film, albeit a challenge to watch at first. Once the audience gets oriented to the characters it all begins to make sense. Imagine centuries old mercenaries fighting to save their way of life.

Yes, it’s a bit zany, intense and thought provoking. Charlize Theron’s performance alone is worth the watch! We loved it!! A new release on Netflix.


Movie 2: The Town

If you are up for an action packed heist film, don’t miss this one! It has suspense, drama and more than a little angst! It also has a great cast, just the right mix of tension and drama.

It was originally released in 2010. Ben Affleck is the Director. Overall, it is well worth watching!


Movie 3: Bad Education

Oh my! If you have any interest in the education system in our country, you must see this film. This true story is set in a Long Island, New York High School.

There’s a lot going on. Corruption, embezzlement, hypocrisy! Great acting and suspense. And more than a few surprises. Lots of tension! Overall greatly entertaining. Originally released on HBO.



Movies: Adu, #Anne Frank Parallel Stories, Nobody Knows I’m Here

Movie 1: Adu

This is an excellent Spanish film that weaves three stories into one. One part in a Cameroon elephant reserve. Another is the horrific scene when poachers “harvest” elephant ivory and kill anyone in their way. The third is the bonding between a five year old orphan and a 10 year old orphan who together seek a new life in a Spanish city on the shores of Morocco. Original version in Spanish; we watched the English dubbed version.


Movie 2: #Anne Frank Parallel Stories

This is a fascinating documentary film about Anne Frank as told by five women holocaust survivors and Anne’s father. It’s beautifully narrated by Helen Mirren. It’s a fresh look at a classic WWII story. It is riveting! English, Italian, French and Czech with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Nobody Knows I’m Here

Here’s another unique, albeit painfully confusing story. It’s based on a child star vocalist whose life spirals out of control for years. Most of the story takes place later in life. There is more than enough angst and dysfunction. The story is set in Patagonia. This film had all the right ingredients to be very good. Unfortunately it does not deliver.



Movies: WASP Network, Lost Bullet, 1922

Movie 1: WASP Network

This is a fascinating film about the spy games between the US and Cuba in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The film is both satisfying and confusing at times. It shifts from the Cuban point of view to the US perspective then back again with each side trying to disrupt the interests of the other side. The Penelope Cruz character is a standout. English and Spanish with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Lost Bullet

This French film is unique on several fronts. The focus is a highly skilled auto mechanic who is forced to engage dirty cops in order to avoid prison. The special effects are impressive. Overall it is less than perfect but a satisfying watch nonetheless. Original language was French. It’s dubbed in English.


Movie 3: 1922

Based on the Stephen King 131 page novella by the same name. Be prepared…it’s filled with violence and gore. It’s a re-release from 2017. It’s an odd slow burn with all family members more than a little creepy. Classic Stephen King.



Movies: The Night Clerk, DA 5 Bloods, The Guest

Film 1: The Night Clerk

It’s an interesting film featuring a young man with Asperger Syndrome who works at a hotel. It’s often difficult to follow. Helen Hunt deserves a better script and cast. It’s rated R for violence and nudity.


Movie 2:  DA 5 Bloods

A riveting film by Spike Lee! Four African American veterans return to Vietnam to find the remains of their squad leader and the gold treasure he hid for them.

It’s a confusing mix at first. There is violence, anguish and conflict. Many consider this Spike Lee production his best yet! This has Oscar written all over it.



Movie 3:  The Guest

It’s a thriller mystery worthy of its audience.  It’s a dark, intense action film that morphs into a horror film.  Plenty of twists and turns to hold your interest.  It gets pretty intense.  Some say it’s a mess.  We found it intriguing.



Movies: The Last Thing He Wanted, A Fall From Grace, A Secret Love

Movie 1:  The Last Thing He Wanted

This Netflix movie is based on Joan Didion’s 1996 novel.  This film is so confusing it’s nearly impossible to follow.  The story is messy on several fronts.  It centers on Iran-Contra scandals and arms deals.  Even with good acting we can’t recommend it.


Movie 2:  A Fall From Grace

Now this film is worth seeking out!   It’s a new release on Netflix.  There’s excellent acting and a believable plot.  There is plenty of mystery, suspense and surprises to satisfy most viewers.  The final scene is not to be missed.  Reviews range from “terrible” to “nuts”.  We liked it…a lot.


Movie 3:  A Secret Love

This is a remarkable and tender story about two women and their secret seven decade relationship.  The two were among the pioneers in women’s professional baseball.  The film is inspiring, ageless and long overdue.  It’s an April 29, 2020 Netflix release.