Monkey Man, Ripley, Scoop

Movie 1: Monkey Man

This is a very energetic action drama, set in India, about a young man who ekes out a living by fighting. But there is a whole lot more than that going on. With definite political overtones to today’s India, Dev Patel does an excellent job as the movie’s star, writer, producer and director. This is probably the bloodiest and most violent three globe movie we’ve seen in a long time. Not for everyone, but worth seeing.


Movie 2: Ripley

Based on the 1955 novel The Talented Mr. Ripley, this is an eight episode drama on Netflix. Shot totally in black and white, this is a fascinating story of a grifter and con artist as he kills and swindles his way through Italy. Phoenomenal acting by Andrew Scott. Great cinematography and writing. Each episode about 50 minutes. Really well done.


Movie 3: Scoop

This is a very well done British drama about the BBC trying to secure an interview with Prince Andrew after the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. While it is completely unthinkable why the Royal Palace let Prince Andrew sit for an extensive interview on television, let alone him staying at Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse on several occasions, this story is based on fact. Very good acting and writing. On Netflix.


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