December 14, 2015

You can tell the year end holidays are approaching.  The film industry is releasing as many movies as possible, good and, well, not so good too.  With Christmas and New Years just around the corner, Oscar season is not too far behind.

It will be a challenge to cram in all the likely candidates.  We will scramble to digest all the chatter by pundits and critics and draft that ever popular Oscar predictions ballot many of you look forward to each year.

The good news this week, all four movie reviews below may be Oscar worthy!

In the Heart of the SeaHeart of the Sea

The unusual story of a young Herman Melville interviewing one of the few surviving crew years after the shipwrecked Essex, is the basis for the book Moby Dick.

It’s a visually stunning movie, artfully directed by Ron Howard.  There is an admirable performance by leading man Chris Hemsworth as the First Mate and the conflict with the ship’s Captain, Benjamin Walker, is tangible.   The special effects are believable if not completely plausible.  But (you knew that was coming didn’t you), the movie suddenly starts to drag on and on.  I won’t tell you why because the surprise is an important part of the movie you won’t see in the trailer.

There could be some technical Oscar nominations nonetheless.  Worth a watch.

Rating: 2 Globes.

The Big ShortBig Short

The Big Short is the explanation of the events leading up to the 2008 economic crisis that ultimately cost the country $5 trillion, huge unemployment, countless loses and foreclosures.

It is a very complicated story and often difficult to follow. So much so the production occasionally cuts to an effective casino themed example that dummies down the topic at hand.

The acting is excellent.  Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carrel and Brad Pitt deliver convincing portrayals as financial industry movers and shakers.

I came away a bit disgruntled but enlightened.  Hollywood will love this film and it would not surprise me if there were a few Oscar nominations in the wings.

Rating: 4 Globes.


Set in the early 1950s New York, this film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel is flawless, a visual masterpiece.  Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara have perfect stage chemistry together.  Ultimately it is a story about attraction, conflict, and heartbreak.

It was a visual feast, an emotional roller coaster, it powerfully depicts what was then a scandalously unconventional love.

There will be Oscar nominations from this one.  Probably Actress, Supporting Actress, Screenplay, Art Direction, and Director.

Rating: 4 Globes.

The Danish Girldanish girl

Based on true events, this film is about a transgender journey almost a hundred years ago.  Husband and wife artists enjoy a comfortable living in Copenhagen, Denmark.  They are intelligent and passionately in love.

Eddie Redmayne plays husband Einer who slowly grows to accept his inner being as Lili with the full love and support of his wife played by Alicia Vikander.  The story unfolds to expose the vulnerable inner beauty and the mental evolution for the audience to consider.

Beautifully filmed and produced by a UK/German/US production team.  Directed by Tom Hooper.  Too early to determine Oscar buzz but it would not be a surprise.

Rating: 4 Globes.

2 thoughts on “December 14, 2015”

  1. If you could only choose one movie, either out or coming out before the end of the year, for a couple who never goes to the movies – what would it be? Something that needs to be seen on a big screen, is fun, uplifting and a perfect holiday movie. I know it’s a lot to ask!

    1. Trumbo should fit the bill. Great acting and true storyline. Helen Mirren plays a great Hedda Hopper!
      Hope you like it.

      Of course there is always Star Wars! We will see it here in. Couple of hours.

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