Break Point, Concussion, Shaun the Sheep

Break Point

point breakThis film was apparently inspired by the 1991 classic of the same name starring then newbie Keanu Reeves and a youthful Patrick Swayze as leader of criminal devil surfers and Reeves as undercover officer infiltrating the surfer gang.  At the time, groundbreaking filmmaking.

This years version is not so much.  The plot is basically the same as the original movie.  It has been updated with interesting sea, alpine mountain scenes and snowboarding worthy of an audience.  The cinematography of the skiing and sky diving is worth the price of the ticket alone.  So catch this on pay per view, or on a long haul plane ride.

Rating: 2 globes


ConcussionThis film confronts the medical diagnosis for concussions football players have endured over the course of their football playing lifetime.  The topic is not new to the sport, the NFL or the medical industry.

This film does, however, zero in on the science behind the disorder athletes often suffer from known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy which often shortens lives.  There is a fair amount of tension as the football industry tries to oppress the public awareness on the topic and its discoverer, Dr. Bennet Omalhu brilliantly played by Will Smith.

Other notable performances are David Morse as the tormented former football player Mike Webster, Alec Baldwin as NFL team Dr. Julian Bailes, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Dr. Omalhu’s love interest.

Overall, well done, well acted, powerful topic with  a real life connection to the reality of the football industry.

Rating: 2 globes

Shaun the Sheep

shaunNew from the creators of Wallace and Gromit, comes a full length claymation production of adventure and mayhem with virtually no dialog unless you consider the indecipherable gibberish dialog.

Over at Mossy Bottom Farms, the Farmer goes about his daily routine along with his dog Bitzer when the flock cause mischief and escape to the Big City for ‘fancy food’.

The Framer develops amnesia and forgets who he is, and somehow converts his shearing skills into a celebrity hair stylist.  In the mean time, the dog catcher is hot on the trail of the sheep.

The flock hit town with the precision of a military force.  The sheep dress in a series of camouflage and undercover dress to find the Farmer and find there way back to the Farm.  The result is a series of escapades that will make you laugh.

Nominated for a 2016 Oscar in feature length Animation category.

Rating: 3 globes


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