Food as Medicine

Your mother was right!  You should eat your vegetables (and a few other foods).  Studies are showing if we eat the right foods we might live longer, have healthier skin, and add protection from illnesses.

We found this interesting, helpful and sometimes amusing.  Enjoy!



Pectin lowers cholesterol, controls diabetes by regulating blood sugar and relieves diarrhea.
Bananabanana Vitamin B6



increases immunity to infection, colds, and the flu and reduces inflammation.

controls hypertension and alleviates muscle cramps and stomach distress.

Beansbeans Vitamin E

Vitamin B

 (in soybeans and lima beans) fights heart disease.

(in white and red beans, soybeans, lima beans) prevents some birth defects, including spina bifida.

 Branbran Soluble fiber


fights colon cancer and lowers LDL.

prevents convulsions, regulates heartbeat and lessens the risk of heart attack.

 Carrotcarrot  Beta-carotene

Calcium Pectate

fights carcinogens, lowers cholesterol and boosts immune system.

lowers cholesterol and relieves diarrhea.

 Celerycelery 3-Butylphthalide

Insoluble fiber

 lowers blood pressure by preventing vessel constriction.

maintains digestive system, preventing constipation and gallstones.

 Coffeecoffee Caffeine relieves asthma, prevents water retention, relieves constipation and increases energy.
 Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower) veggies  Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Indoles and Monoterpene  slow cancer-cell growth.
Fatty Fish/oil (herring, mackerel, salmon, tunafish  Omega 3 Fatty Acids  reduce risk of heart desease, guard against blood clots, control hypertension, reduce inflammation and relieve asthma.
 Garlicgarlic Adenosine


Diallyl Sulfides, Phenolic Acid, and Quercetin

lowers blood pressure

prevents blood clots

fight carcinogens and lower cholesterol.

Gingerginger fights nausea, relieves headaches, and arthritis, reduces inflammation and guards against blood clots.
Green Teagreen tea Catechins

Streptococcus Mutans

protects against cancer, fights viral infection and lower LDL.

prevents cavities

Licoricelicorice Triterpenoids


slow cancer-cell growth.

guards against blood clots and ulcers and fights cavities

Oniononion Ajoene

Daillyl Sulfides and QUercetin

prevents heart desease and lowers cholesterol.

fight carcinogens and reduce inflammation and pain.

Orangeorange Vitamin C

Phenolic Acid

helps produce healthysperm and increases fertility.

fight carcinogens and heart disease.

Pepperpepper Vitamin C (in red peppers)


fights respiratory disease and cancer and maintains healthy sperm.

fights heart disease and some forms of cancer.



Reduces gas pains.
Pumpkin seedspumpkin Amino Acids


reduces prostate enlargement and regulates testosterone levels.

prevents prostate enlargement and testosterone levels.

Spinachspinach Beta-Carotene



protects against cancer and boosts immune system.

alleviates migraines.

regulates blood pressure.

Strawberriesstrawberry Ellagic Acid

Vitamin C


fights carcinogens.

maintains healthy sperm and lowers cholesterol.

protects against colon and rectal cancer.

Yogurtyogurt Lactobacillus


stimulates good bacteria growth, reduces cold symptoms, relieves diarrhea and boost immune system.

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