Rochelle, Illinois

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We just got back from our Niece’s wedding in Rochelle, Illinois.  Rochelle is roughly 85 miles East of Chicago.  It is farm country.  Lots of trucking.  And the confluence of one of the largest rail intersections in the country.

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We stopped at an unusual viewing platform and watched a huge freight train ramble by along with about 20 other ‘regular’ observers.  This spot has it’s own radio station, various placards of historical significance and a history of the Lincoln Highway.  It’s worth a stop but probably not worth a detour.

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We did discover a couple of local restaurants worthy of recommendation.   Restaurant Tecalitan is a family owned and operated place serving authentic homemade Mexican food.  They have an extensive selection of entries.  Everything is house made including the salsas.  The consensus at our table was a unanimous thumbs up!

Restaurant Tecalitan, 1071 N. Caron Road, Rochelle, IL 61068.  815-561-7576.

Also suggested is the Sunrise Family Cafe.  We went for breakfast and loved it. We were a party of 16 and called ahead for a reservation.  Most guests are seated first come, first served.  The breakfast menu is extensive and hearty.  Everyone seemed pleased with their choices.  The restaurant also serves lunch and dinner.

Sunrise Family Restaurant, 1181 N. 7th Street, Rochelle, IL 61068 Open 5AM to 10 PM daily.  815-562-4877.

2 thoughts on “Rochelle, Illinois”

  1. I doubt I’ll ever experience the magic of Rochelle, IL but now I know where to dine.

    How come no pictures of either of you in a John Deere cap?


    1. Hi Stuart! Love your comment. I just surveyed our caps, 1 Delta Dental, 1 Peets Coffee, 1 Serengeti Balloon Safari, and one Levi AIDs Ribbon. Not a John Deere within 100 miles. 🙂

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