Movies: Trolls, The Girl on the Train, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

It is with apologies no movie reviews have been posted the last few weeks.  We had virtually no access to current movies during our travels to Italy, Spain, Portugal or France.

Alas, we are in London with time and access to newly released films.

We are likely to experience the same thing on our next cruise.  This should make for an interesting Fall as so many potential Oscars hopeful releases typically occur from now to the end of the year.


Note: While we are traveling, our posts are being created on an Apple iPad.  Unfortunately we are unable to download movie posters at this time (read not happy with new iso10, growl, apology!)


This animated Adventure/Fantasy from Dreamworks might sound like yet another cartoon smurf-like movie.  This would be very inaccurate.

Instead, be prepared for a visually stunning ride to another dimension of animation.  Add incredible music with voice overs by Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Jeffrey Tambor, Gwen Strfani, James Corden, Russell Brand, the awesome Christine Baranski!

This will surely get attention by the academy and give Kubo and Finding Dory a run for the best animated trophy.

There are numerous layers of social and contemporary topics skillfully woven into this storyline.  This is sure to become an instant classic.

Rating 4 globes

The Girl on the Train

This story is based on the runaway bestseller written by Paula Hawkins.  There has been a lot of chatter about the departures (pun intended) the film makes from the book.

Nonetheless, this film is intriguing, confusing, exciting and beguiling.  There are more twists and turns and who done what to whom than a dozen romance novels.

The acting is compelling, brilliant and creepy and often at the same time.  Fasten your seat belts, because you are in for a wild ride!

Emily Blunt performs at her best!  Simply superb. Haley Bennett and Rebecca Ferguson are scorching hot.  Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Edgar Ramirez, Darren Goldstein and Ross Gibbs all deliver powerful and sometimes steamy performances.

Labeled as a Mystery/Drama at almost two hours, it delivers a whole lot more.

Rating4 globes

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

This latest release of the second Jack Reacher franchise is getting mixed reviews among the film industry stalwarts.  Not sure why, the formula is exactly the same as the well received first rendition.

Tom Cruise cruise dominates almost every scene and most of the script, action sequence and hero/villain scenes.  It is kind of an updated Mission Impossible redo with a little soft spot thrown in.

All that said, there is just enough to peek your interest for this nearly two hour story labeled as a mystery/crime/drama.

We saw it in a premium Dolby theater.  Maybe that extra pazazz made it a big more satisfying.

Rating3 globes

3 thoughts on “Movies: Trolls, The Girl on the Train, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”

  1. Loved the book “girl on the train” so look forward to seeing the movie. Just out of curiosity, what’s the admission to a London movie theater? Do they have a senior discount (as I, too, would qualify)?

    1. Good question. Economy (first shows) hours are about the same as the US, about $6 to $10 per person. Many of the upscale theaters, like the ones in Leicester Square with IMAX, Impact and Dolby enhanced sound and imagery run much more, $15 to $20 per person. Yes, there are Seniors discounts, called Concessions in the UK, about $2 or $3 US Dollars in discount. BTW! All theaters we have attended sell alcoholic beverages, all shows. Today we will see Inferno.

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