Movies: Patterson, Underworld: Blood Wars


This much acclaimed film Written and Directed by Jim Jarmusch flows gently from scene to scene.  Everything about this film is subtle, gentle and mellow (except a short scene or two).

Paterson, a bus driver and poet is played by Adam Driver.  (The role is quite the departure from his recent performance as the Jesuit missionary in Silence.) His costar, the talented Iranian actress, Golshiftteh Farahani, is a delight as the quirky and lovable wife and muse.  Their chemistry together is core to the storyline.  There is also a bulldog named Marvin that plays a pretty important role.

Audiences and critics really liked this film and so did we.  It is listed as a Drama/Comedy and runs almost 2 hours.  It is rated R but we cannot imagine why.  It is a charming feel good story, told in a unique way.


Underworld: Blood Wars

First, we didn’t realize there have been five movies in the “Underworld” series.  Nor did we understand the conflict between the “Draculoids” and/or the “Werewolves” and the “hybrid” versions of either.    We are guessing, once again, we were clearly not part of the market demographic for this franchise.

We knew we were going to see a Kate Beckinsale movie.  The last one we saw in which she starred was the charming and witty Love & Friendship of last year.  Oh no no no!  This was a slash ’em up, blow ’em up, rip ’em up, blood and guts kind of thing.

I am surprised it was only rated R.  And I certainly would not let any person under 21 see it. (The Puritan in me!  BTW we were the ONLY ones in the theater over 21!!  And as long as I am on a rant, I’m blaming John for picking this movie out of the 10 new releases this week!)  It is listed as an Action/Adventure and runs 1 hour, 32 minutes.  Sorry Kate Beckinsale!  I must give this a rare blazing zero globes.



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