Travel: Spring visits: Legion of Honor, Point Reyes National Seashore

Spring has finally sprung in Northern California.  After the rainy season of over 30-1/2 inches of rain, we are finally getting sunshine and warmer temps. (Today, it is 83 with a nice breeze!)

SATURDAY:  The sunshine and good weather always gets us out of the house. This last weekend we spent Saturday in Lincoln Park and the Legion of Honor fine arts museum housing a special exhibit: Claude Monet, the Early Days (our second visit).  Over 50 pieces from around the world on tour.  Do see it if it makes it near you.  Here are some photos (all but 8 pieces were allowed for non-flash photos!!).

Pristine vintage automobiles in the parking lot.
One of our favorite, Monet.
Urs Fischer, guest artist, contributes contemporary art to each gallery. These eyes are about 3 feet in diameter and more than a bit creepy!
Rodin’s Thinker greets visitors in the Courtyard.
Monet’s first public painting and one of our favorites.
Our Christmas card from a couple of years ago! It’s awesome in full size.
Another of our favorites. The sky and shadows are incredible.

SUNDAY:  Warm breeze, clear skies, light traffic, perfect for a drive to Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County.

Hi from J&J. North Beach. We had the beach all to ourselves!
Lots of waves and sand for miles. That is the National Seashore in the distance, as far as you can see.
Everything, everywhere is green and growing.
Stinson Beach from the headlands in the morning.
Happy Spring to all! J&J

We hope you enjoyed.  Let us know about your spring plans/travels.  J&J

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