Movies: The Circle, Gifted, Colossal

The Circle

This tech-centric film is set somewhere between the present and near future and looks an awful lot like Apple, Google or Facebook headquarters.  It challenges the concept of privacy, ethics and ultimately personal freedom.

It is a slick, utopian peek at the ultimate ‘group think’ world that could be the future.  It is an intriguing story that gets a bit annoying and more than a bit creepy.

The acting is quite good.  Emma Watson and Tom Hanks are the headliners.  Both depict believable characters.  The production itself might easily have been filmed in Silicon Valley.  It is thought provoking at best and mildly disappointing.

It is rated PG-13.  Genre is Science Fiction/Drama and it runs 1 hour, 50 minutes.



This heart string drama is a story about an Uncle and his Niece who happens to be a mathematical prodigy like her deceased Mom.  The bond between the two is powerful and believable.

The acting is impressive.  The cast includes Chris Evans as the Uncle, Jenny Slate as the school teacher, Mckenna Grace as the little genius, Octavia Spencer as the protective neighbor and Lindsay Duncan as the powerful grandmother who wants custody of the little girl.

Reviews have been generally favorable.  The on screen chemistry and conflict between some characters is powerful and believable.

It is rated PG-13 and listed as a drama.  It runs 1 hour and 41 minutes.



Once again we find ourselves as outsiders versus critical fanfare.  Unique, yes. Satire, yes.  Quirky?  No doubt.  Cutting edge, eh maybe.

The cast was good but the characters were not very likable.  Anne Hathaway plays a drunk with really bad judgement.  Jason Sudeikis plays Oscar, the childhood friend who runs a bar in the old home town.  Dan Stevens plays the former boyfriend from New York.

The kicker is the Anne and Jason characters are somehow connected to sci-fi monsters.  When the characters fight, the monsters fight half way around the world in Seoul, Korea.  OK…that make sense, right?  All said it was unique.

It is rated R for violence and language.  The genre is Sci-fi/Thriller.  It runs 1 hour, 50 minutes.


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