Food: Acquerello, 1722 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA 94109


We were fortunate to recently dine at one of the consistently best restaurants in San Francisco, Acquerello.  Owner/chef Suzette Gresham and her highly skilled team have been delivering seasonal Italian fare for over twenty years, and have earned a two star Michelin rating.


This is ideal for a special occasion.  The dining room was formerly a chapel.  It has been transformed into a beautiful intimate setting much like a sophisticated club or retreat.  It is known for its service, extensive 100 page Italian wine list and consistently inventive food.

A complementary starter from the kitchen.

The menu offers three, four or five course dinners that allow customers to select from a lengthy list of options.  There are also many complementary surprises. Ours included a pre-dinner cocktail of fresh orange juice and sweet vermouth, followed by two amuse bites.  Later extra sweet bites for our special occasion, and before we left, a box of almond biscotti freshly baked that day.  That made coffee the next morning a special event.

We ordered the four course dinner and a bottle of white wine from Umbria.

Also complementary, Crab tart with caviar ring.
John’s pasta course, Artichoke mezzelune, salsa rossa, Urfa bread tuile, lemon, and marjoram.
Jim’s pasta course, Pork filled ravioli with white bean, roasted ramps and fried sweetbreads.
Jim’s main course, Ora King Salmon, Monococco, walnut, Morels, fava and nasturtium.
John’s main course, Maine lobster, heirloom tomato, sourdough, ‘nduja salami, Borlotti beans, and basil.
John’s desert, Canoli special of the evening.
Jim’s desert, chocolate with dark chocolate and carmel.
Shared birthday goodies.
Sweet goodbye!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to whomever! Was wondering what John had in his glass when I saw his pic but you did explain it in due time. Wonder how that combination went down! You both look fantastic. Was surprised that you were not now in Wisconsin but who can keep up with you two? Happy Memorial Day wishes from Cumming, Ga. Nanci

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