Travel: Road Trip to Wisconsin, Day 1, San Francisco to Winnemucca, NV

Today was our first day on the road to Wisconsin.  It ended up being a long day but a fun one all the same.  Day 1 mileage: 397.  Our first stop was at Donner Lake in the Sierra Mountains near the Nevada border.  After living in the Bay Area for over 35 years, we had never made a stop before.  No crowds, light traffic, we stopped for a brief visit at Donner Lake State Park.



Next stop was Reno, Nevada.  We stopped for lunch with one of Jim’s former colleagues, Anna and her daughter.  We had a delightful sushi lunch.


Our afternoon drive took us to Winnemucca, Nevada and our hotel for the night from where this post is being written.  But the drive was both bleek and beautiful.

Just Beautiful


6 thoughts on “Travel: Road Trip to Wisconsin, Day 1, San Francisco to Winnemucca, NV”

  1. Keep the travelogue coming. You guys already look like native Wisconsors (cheese heads?). Those white legs look like a couple of dairy farmers who hadn’t seen the sun all winter!

    Have fun on your second day of traveling through America.

  2. Your first day sounds fabulous. You broke up your trip wisely. I’ll bet you didn’t hear one conjugation of a Spanish verb in the preterito indefinito along the way! Your photos are lovely. XOXOX

  3. Oh Happy day! I’m not much of a traveler in a car so growing up my comment was always “are we there yet”. Ha. So much fun. Can’t wait to retire and experience the joys and sites you are seeing. Safe travels.

  4. Jim and John, thank you for reaching out to me on Thursday! It was so delightful to see you both doing so well. My daughter Callie said that you left such an impression, and she wishes that someday she will be able to experience such “true” love… she found you amazing!! Miss you two and hope you’re enjoying your long drive.

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