Movies: Baby Driver, The Hero, Beatriz at Dinner

We have been a bit frustrated by the lack of access to many summer releases. There are fewer movie theaters than we are used to, especially foreign and independent films.  Those theaters we have identified are often many miles away.

That said, we were pleased to discovery another Landmark Theater gem, The Oriental in Milwaukee’s East Side.

Six massive Buddha with green eyes watch the movies with audiences.
The original lobby fully restored to another era.
Exterior of the Oriental Theater in Milwaukee.

Now on to the movies!

Baby Driver

Every once and a while a film is released that is truly unique, innovative and ground breaking.  That is exactly what Writer/Director Edgar Wright delivers with the newly released Baby Driver.

The driving scenes are among the best ever.  In our opinion better than Bullet and the Fast and Furious franchise.

The acting is impressive for the most part.  Ansel Elgort plays Baby in his best role to date.  Lily James is believable as the love interest.  Jamie Foxx plays his best bad guy in a long time.  And Kevin Spacey plays another bad guy oh so well.

It’s rated R for strong language and violence throughout.  The genre is noted as Action, Adventure, Comedy and Drama.  It runs 113 minutes.


The Hero

Straight up, Sam Elliott delivers his best role in decades.  In this role he spends his time reliving his good ole days and smoking marijuana.  But then there is some life changing news that changes everything (but I’m not going to tell you what it is.  No spoiler here!)

The story and screenplay was written for Mr. Elliott but the acting makes it believable.  Laura Prepon gives a stellar performance as the younger woman.  Krysten Ritter is the angry daughter.  Nick Offerman is the drug dealer sidekick.

The genre is Drama/Comedy and is likely to be appreciated by mature/senior audiences.  It is rate R for drug use and adult subject matter.  It runs 93 minutes.


Beatriz at Dinner

This is a unique and thought provoking film.  Salma Hayek gives a compelling portrayal as a Mexican born holistic masseuse and healer now living in Los Angeles. After her car breaks down at a wealthy clients home, she is invited to spend the evening at a dinner party where the wealthy guests share in what becomes a serious culture clash.

The small cast includes an almost unrecognizable Selma Hayek as Beatriz and John Lithgow as the Trumpian Billionaire.  Jay Duplass as a wealthy realtor and Chloe Sevigny as his wife.  David Warshosky as the host and Connie Britton his wife.

Strangely enough this film is listed as a comedy instead of a social commentary. It is rated R for strong language and one scene of violence.  It would not be suitable for young children.  The run time is 83 minutes.


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  1. The Oriental Theater appears to be quite amazing from your photos. How did it come to be?

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