Travel: Friends, Family and the Lake

It has been a little under two months since we arrived in Hartford, Wisconsin and the family lake house on Pike Lake.

John and I have had the place to ourselves for the most part.  It already feels more like home now.  There also have been a few larger gatherings of friends and family when the house is a hive of activities, comings and goings, laughter and chatter, communal meals and libations, the beauty of the lake, boat rides and that joyous laughter only children can make.

Families: Barinek, Charles, Burns, Schunk, Rusniak, and Kutz.
John & Brianna Albright (note: expecting December 2017!)
Friend, Lucy and William on the tube.
Life friends: Eva and Jennifer
Captain Matthew
William, Cathy, Ava

But there have also been those peaceful moments of tranquility and time for reflection and contemplation.  Dreaming and exploring.  Basking in the pleasure of a beautiful sunrise, the morning chatter of a multitude of birds. One forgets how adorable a baby chipmunk can be.  How joyful is a hopping squirrel gathering morning goodies.  The grace of a grey crane taking to flight.

Just before sunrise.
Morning rounds.
Where is that mate of mine?!
A calm sunset!

To be sure, we miss our urban lifestyle that feels so comfortable to us.  We recognize how much we take for granted.  Convenience, seemingly endless variety, access to so many natural treasures, the ever changing diversity, cultures and entertainment.

Mostly, we recognize how very fortunate we are to have so many friends and family around us.  It is though we experience Thanksgiving every day, with every contact, telephone call, Skype/FaceTime, note card, or gathering.


PS: A big heartfelt THANK YOU to Jennifer and Matthew for making us so welcomed.


3 thoughts on “Travel: Friends, Family and the Lake”

  1. The photo of the morning sunrise is a winner! Your home on the lake is truly idyllic, and it´s nice that you share it with so many loving friends and family members. Returning to your active life in SF will be a culture shock in reverse.

    I am leaving this weekend for a week of chamber music –playing and listening– in VT. It is my chamber music orgy because it’s total immersion from early morning to late at night. The Conference is on the campus of Bennington College. The College has nothing to do with it, other than to lease the space. This will be my 35th year of “summer camp”. It’s an extraordinary environment of very bright people who play on a very high level in the midst of the very green and beautiful mountains of VT.


    1. Hi J/J, what a lovely life you two have and such a loving family with which to share. Is love all the pix as they really bring it all to life. The snap of Eva and Jennifer with their Grateful Dead shirts a hit. My family is full of DeadHeads. Been to a few concerts with them when Jerry Garcia was alive but my son, wife, plus 3 children recently were at a concert in Colorado Springs. They still track them. Fun! How nice that I can keep updated thru you of Abby. She is such a grand gal. Sincerely wish we lived closer so I could see her again. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Wisconsin. The hustle/bustle of SF will await your return. Cheers, Nanci

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