Travel: SF MOMA, Edvard Munch Exhibit and more

Good morning to all from a sunny San Francisco.  The August fog has subsided and warm sunny days have returned.

A few days ago we went to see the Edvard Munch exhibit at the expanded San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  It was a relatively small exhibit but it included a collection of work that is rarely seen outside of Oslo, Norway.

To be sure, the collection is unique.  Edvard Munch lived from December 12, 1863 to January 23, 1944.  He was Norwegian, the son of a doctor and brother to four siblings.  His mother died young.  Her death had a profound impact on the entire Munch family.

In time, Munch suffered from several mental issues including schizophrenia, depression, alcoholism and other afflictions.  At the same time life was difficult for the extended Munch family.

We would describe this collection as intriguing, troubling and insightful.  We added a small sampling of other exhibits from the Fisher collection just for fun.

Note:  None of the four versions of his most famous paintings, The Scream (1893) were on display.

Self Portrait with Brushes, 1904
Munch reflecting on life as a young man.
Munch often used red skies in paintings with sad themes.
The only ‘Starry Night’ in the exhibit (he painted several).
The Dance of Life is one of the uplifting works on display, 1899/1900.

Selected images from the Fisher Collection we liked.

Image inserted into photo of landscape. Inventive!
Delightfully inventive. A pool of water with two circular currents slowly bring floating bowls to gentle impact making a wonderful chiming sound.
Ceramic child encircled by hundreds of plastic black poodles. We are not sure of the meaning but it is visually pleasing.
Nope, it is not an upside down photo. The drum is mounted on the ceiling and the drum plays itself. It is part of a gallery with instruments playing independently. Intriguing and creepy.
Mister R from the 7th floor terrace overlooking the old Pacific Bell Tower and the the new 1000+ foot Salesforce Tower.


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