Movies: Whose Streets?, The Only Living Boy in New York

We managed to squeeze in a couple of more movies before flying to Milwaukee tomorrow/today for the next couple of weeks over the Labor Day weekend.  More to follow depending on releases in greater Milwaukee area.  Cheers to all!  J&J

Whose Streets?

Wow!  This is a compelling, disturbing and powerful documentary film about the events and fallout of the 2014 Ferguson, MO siege and aftermath.  It takes its point of view from the activists and people on the street.  This event sparked a global movement about all types of social injustices.

Moreover, it is a razor sharp focus on the local racism that drove both the events and the aftermath of the Ferguson failure.  It is rate R for strong language and powerful social issues.

It is often difficult to watch and yet compelling at the same time.  The extensive ‘live footage’ is powerful and a battle cry for life itself.  The film makers, Sabaah Foyayan and Damon Davis are also the Directors and are wise beyond their years.


The Only Living Boy in New York

First, a big thanks to our friend Meredith for suggesting this film to us.  It is in limited release but well worth seeking out whereever you are.  Once again, the critics were not too kind to this movie and yet we found it fresh, contemporary and a reminder why a visit to New York City is always a welcomed adventure.  (Opps, slipped into the Travel category…)

It has a great cast including Kate Beckinsale, the lately prolific Jeff Bridges, uber talented Callum Turner and the timeless Pierce Bronsan.

It is a complicated story about a contemporary urban family, their careers and life choices.  It is rated R for strong language and some drug material.  It is not suitable for young children.

The genre is listed as a Drama and runs 1 hour, 28 minutes.  It is unique, intriguing and refreshing.


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