Travel: Reflections on Summer 2017

Greetings to all!

As Fall approaches and the days slowly grow shorter, it is a good time to pause and reflect on the incredible changes that have occurred since “retirement” became our new norm.

What an incredible year of change and adaptation.  Travel and a focused contact with family and friends have dominated our thinking and activities.

To be sure, retirement requires adjustments.  Being away from our primary residence for extended periods of time means going electronic for all/most financial obligations.  That can be daunting.  Every company/obligation has a slightly different process.  Some are straight forward and efficient, others can be clunky and absurdly complicated.

By contrast, the best part of retirement is freedom to plan and do what ever you want, when you want.  So far the biggest challenge is our “dance card” often gets full.

That said, this summer was a big success. The long road trips out and back were a lot of fun.  It is also the more expensive way to explore and travel.  Fuel, food and hotels add up quickly.  We will continue to explore more of the country but from a regional perspective.

All that said, here are some of our favorite pictures from our most recent visit to Wisconsin a few weeks ago.  We hope you have enjoyed being with us if only through our posts.  Warmest wishes to all,  J&J


Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Big lake, small town, good shopping and restaurants nearby.
Pewaukee Lake, beautiful sand beach right in town.
Hi from guess who!

Green Bay

Lambeau Field, Home of the Green Bay Packers.
Catholic Church with massive towers in downtown Green Bay.
Green Bay with Lake Michigan beyond, from the downtown waterfront.


The State capital of Wisconsin.

Interior of The Old Fashioned. We were there for a great breakfast while lobbyist were chatting up politicians a few tables away.
Lake Mendota, a few blocks from Downtown and the capital.

Door County

Water ski anyone?
Bucolic lane.
Sign post in the harbor.
Classic Great Lakes lighthouse.

Labor Day

Sunrise from Pike Lake


The family portrait.
Some of summer’s guests.
Bye ‘Happy Place’, see you soon!

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