Travel: Adam and Jennifer just back from Greece

John and I always get excited when friends and or family get the travel bug.  Our nephew Adam and his wife Jennifer just returned from Greece.  They said they loved it and the pictures below clearly reflect happy travelers.

Since John and I are leaving for Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia this Saturday, we thought it a perfect time to share some of their pictures as a preview to our travels.  As always, we will post photos as time and internet service allows.


Athens – Adam and Jenn at the Pnyx Park
Athens – The Parthenon
Athens – The six sisters of the Acropolis.
Delphi – One of the many cats of Greece
Delphi – The temple of Apollo
Delphi – Top view of the Temple of Apollo.
Mykonos – View from the port
Mykonos – View of Kalo Livadi Beach from our hotel room
Santorini – Perissa Black sand beach
Santorini – Red Beach
Santorini – Two lovebirds!
View of the island from Oia.
Santorini, View of the island from the southers point

A BIG THANK YOU to Adam and Jenn for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Travel: Adam and Jennifer just back from Greece”

  1. Thanks for posting.
    Looking forward to your pics when you two depart Saturday on your next adventure. Be safe. ❤️

  2. What a cute couple!

    Enjoy your travels. My trip has been one of the best, but is five days from the end. I’ve done everything, but my back issues have been a bummer. Xoxox

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