Movies: In the Fade, Paddington 2

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We are at that time in the movie world where new releases are hit and miss.  Studio films are spare during this time of year as audiences shrink and the afterglow of the holidays fade.  Independent and foreign films seem to fall into some industry vacuum or appear for only a few days, a week at the most.

On the bright side, the award season is in full bloom.  The Golden Globes and the Critic’s Choice are now behind us.  The Screen Actors Guild and the British Academy Awards are next.  The 90th Academy Awards will be held March 4th, 2018 in Los Angeles, 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Other good news!  Academy Award nominated Live Action, Animated and Documentary Short Subject films will be released nationwide February 9th.  Do see these if they are showing in your area.  They are among our favorites every year.  These films typically are only released in a handful of major markets.  Enjoy!


In the Fade

This film just won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.  It’s another film that was released in LA and New York December 22, just in time to make the cut as an Oscar contender. It opened widely last Friday.  It is heartbreaking, riveting, revealing and enlightening.

Director Fatih Akin is a German of Turkish descent telling a story about a German family coming apart when the husband and father of a 6 year old son is killed by Neo-Nazis in Germany.

It is a fascinating look behind the cultural curtains of Germany, justice and revenge in today’s multicultural landscape.

American-German Diane Kruger deserves recognition with an exceptional performance in the leading roll.  German-Turkish actor Numan Acar delivers a powerful, if short, performance as husband/father.  Denis Moschitto, Samia Chancrin and Ulrich Brandhof all deliver superb performances.

It is rated R for disturbing images, drug use and language, including sexual references.  We do not encourage viewing by children.  The genre is posted as Art House & International, Drama.  Run time is 106 minutes.  German with English subtitles.


Paddington 2

This sequel picks up where the last film left off.  Paddington is part of the Brown family.  One day he is shopping for the perfect gift for his Aunt’s 100th birthday.  He finds a pop up book only to have it stolen.

Somehow Paddington ends up in prison, befriends the inmates and organizes a jail break.  Not what one would expect but it all ends up warm and fuzzy in the end.

The theater was full of children and their adult escorts.  Kudos to all our audience for being well behaved.

The cast was equally talented for the occasion.  Hugh Grant plays Phoenix Buchanan, a sinister entertainer.  Ben Whishaw is the voice of Paddington.  Hugh Bonneville plays the family father and Sally Hawkins is the mom.  Brendan Gleeson is hilarious as “Knuckles” McGinty.  Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters share important but bit parts.

It is rated PG for some action and mild rude humor.  It is listed as Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family.  It is worthy of its franchise.  It runs 1 hour, 43 minutes.

Bonus!  Stick around after the first set of credits for a not-to-be-missed song and dance piece.


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