Travel: Paris walk 2, the Marais.

It was another chilly day in Paris but the sun was out again making all things brighter and beautiful.  Today we decided to visit another old neighborhood, the Marais.  Due West of our rented apartment in the Bastille.

We love the variety of history and architecture, the jumbled narrow streets, the unique shops and restaurants, and its quirky character.

Small by Parisian standards but elegantly serene neighborhood church.
A small period Palace repurposed for today’s needs.
One of our favorite spots in Paris, Place Des Vosges shines in the winter sun.
Four classic fountains await Spring and water!
The Marais is one of the oldest and still vibrant Jewish quarters in Paris.
Leaving our favorite Middle Eastern lunch spot. Note the John Wayne swagger!
One of dozens of peek a boo views in the Marais.
The iconic Pompidou Center is starting to show signs of age but still houses a world class modern art museum.
The ever changing examples of public art, this installment near the newly rebuilt and massively expanded Les Halles complex featuring shopping, entertainment and sports venues.

Tonight, dinner at one of our all time favorite restaurants (below).  Bon appetite!

La Fontaine De Mars, rue Saint Dominque

Today’s walk 3.8 miles.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Paris walk 2, the Marais.”

  1. So happy to see you’re going to “De Mars,” a restaurant you recommended to me and I ate there many years ago. Would love to see the apartment you’re renting!

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