Travel: Around London Museums

John looking over the plaza for goblins from the Harry Potter Gift Shop at the British Library.

Greetings to all!

Well the snow and cold weather made it easy to decide how to spend the last couple of days in London.  No worries with us, we loved discovering old and new alike.

Among the biggest surprises was our first visit to the new British Library where we spent the better part of the morning exploring Treasures of the British Library.  This room included original written documents by William Shakespear, Leonardo de Vinci, Jane Austen, Chaucer, the Magna Carta.  Original illustrations in religious books including a King James Bible, a Quran, a Torah and several more.

The audio room included original recordings of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Florence Nightingale and dozens more.

The music section included original music written by Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, The Beatles and dozens more.

The good news is it’s free, the bad news NO photos are allowed.  Anywhere!

View from the courtyard of the British Library with the Victorian St. Pancras Train Station behind.
Massive sculpture in the Library Plaza.
A six-story bronze and glass tower houses 85,000 volumes including the Canterbury Tails and Shakespeare’s plays.

The National Portrait Gallery

It has been years since we visited this monument to British history.  The paintings are better than ever.

Queen Elizabeth the First.
Queen Anne of Denmark 1605 AD
King Charles II, 1680 AD.
Gallery after Gallery abound.

Christopher Wren, note the plans for St. Paul.

Our last stop was the Victoria and Albert Museum.  We chose the Decorative Arts Section because we wanted to see the display of 14th and 15th century artifacts.

Early 15th century Altar piece, Italy
Grand hall with a collection from around Europe from the 1400 to mid 1500s.
Life sized Madonna and Child.
Jim practicing his levitation skills.

Yesterday was a travel day.  It was a long daytime flight.  The good news the flight was smooth and uneventful.  Upon landing the sun was out and the temps were in the 60s.

This morning Jim plowed through a mountain of mail while John dealt with a mountain of laundry.  What a difference a day makes!

THANKS to EVERYONE for your friendship and kindness.

Best wishes to you all.  Be safe!  Much Love,

J& J





6 thoughts on “Travel: Around London Museums”

  1. And thanks to both of you for sharing such visual delights with us and for allowing us to live your trip vicariously. You’re the BEST!

    The laundry and mail will eventually get done. Welcome home!!


  2. A grand finale to a great trip.
    These three are among my very favorite museums in London. The British Library is a treasure. The National Portrait Gallery excels in its focused collection. The V&A is my very favorite of them all. Thanks for the vicarious visit!

  3. Kudos! I was with you all the way. Fantastic photos and you know how I love them. Happy you are home safely. Cheers, Nanci

  4. Fantastic trip. Thanks for sharing. Welcome back to the USA. If things continue as they are, we may all want to travel constantly. Take care,
    Eleanor and David

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