Movies: Breaking In, Life of the Party, Deadpool 2

Breaking In

Here is an intriguing film about a young family led by its matriarch with her children as they travel to her deceased father’s estate.  It is an ultra sophisticated property with extensive security and electronic protections well beyond the norm.

The acting is pretty impressive.  Gabrielle Union plays the Mom.  Ajiona Alexus is the daughter and Seth Carr is the younger brother.  There are four bad guys: Billy Burke is the ringleader, Levi Meaden, Mark Furze play tough guys while Richard Cabral is the ruthless psycho.

The production creates significant tension and angst.  It is intense and suspenseful.  It’s a throw back to thriller films of the past with technology upgrades.

Critics were tepid on this movie but we really enjoyed it.  It is rated PG-13 for violence, menace, bloody images, sexual references and brief strong language.  We were surprised it wasn’t rated R.  Nonetheless, we do not feel it is suitable for children.

The genre is noted as Mystery/Suspense.  It runs 88 minutes.


Life of the Party

Melissa McCarthy is the headliner for this playful romp in a collegiate setting after her husband dumps her for another woman.

After an implausible transition as a senior seeking a degree in Archeology, McCarthy’s character becomes “one of the girls” which is kind of creepy albeit entertaining.

Other cast members include a gaggle of coed girls, both friends and adversaries.  Most notable are Jacki Weaver as McCarthy’s Mom and Matt Walsh as the Dad, Luke Benward as the bartender/fellow student and boyfriend, Maya Rudolph as the best friend, and Christina Aguilera as herself.

The critics weren’t too keen on this movie either.  It is also rated PG-13 for sexual references, drug content and partying.  While often funny, the adult content does not make this suitable for young children.

Its genre is a Comedy with a run time of 1 hour, 45 minutes.


Deadpool 2

Oh My!  Where to begin.  Headlines first…Deadpool 2 had an opening weekend of $125 million.  This topples Avengers: Infinity War $113 million opening weekend.  (Don’t fret about the latest Avengers film, it has already racked up sales of $1.81 billion globally.)

The cast is impressive:  Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand, Morena Baccarin, Jack Kesy and TJ Miller play the main characters.  Leslie Uggams is a hoot as Blind Al.  There are another dozen actors rounding out the cast.

This episode takes a lot of liberty with its R rating.  It is free to use snarky themes, gore and trashy antics to appeal to its followers.  Be prepared for strong language and loads of violence.  There are also sexual and brief drug references.  It is absolutely not appropriate for children.

It’s listed as an Action/Adventure/Comedy.  We found it quite violent, often gross, and goofy crazy just for good measure.  Fans loved it.  Us…not so much.

The run time is two hours.  Fans will want to stay through the credits.  (There are 5 different clips mixed into the credits.)


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