Travel: Memorial Day Weekend 2018

As Spring yields to Summer, the Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning.

This year friends and family gathered at our lake house in Wisconsin for fun, food, water activities and laughter.  Lots of love and laughter!

Here are some our favorite pictures:

The longer days start early.
One of our favorite trees in full bloom.
A goose family outing.
A new friend during a morning walk.
From the top: Jennifer, Cathy, Matthew, and Ruby
Mark and Ruby making it look easy!
Das Boat with Matthew, Mark and the boys ready to get wet!
Summer’s finally here!
Cake and cocktails (for the adults.)
Happy Bithday Jennifer!

6 thoughts on “Travel: Memorial Day Weekend 2018”

  1. Hi guys…been thinking of you both and where in the world you are now? Mark and Nate will be in SF August 8-13th. We still need to get you boys out to Michigan one of these days! Thanks again for the wonderful tour of your citiy. My mom and I had such a great day!

  2. Am in Capetown South Africa with the chillie days of winter upon us. Your pictures of summer fun are making me long for Home and sleeveless shirts. Your family seems like such a fun group. Cheers

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