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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This fifth in the series Jurassic movie is different from the rest of the franchise.  It is intense, yet intimate.  Epic and suspense filled.  It’s dark and visually stunning.

Lots of critics poo-pooed this film.  And yes, it is a departure from the previous films in the series.  So what?!

It’s a good cast.  Bryce Dallas Howard plays Clare.  Chris Pratt of course as Owen.  Jeff Goldblum is Ian Malcolm. Daniella Pineda is Zia Rodriguez.  Justice Smith plays the techie and B. D. Wong plays Dr. Henry Wu.  Toby Jones is back as Wheaton and James Cromwell is the Patriarch.

We wonder where the next chapter will go, assuming there are more to come.  Some predict the dinosaurs retake the earth and mankind, as we know it, evaporates.

Bottom line, we liked it.  It was interesting, different and certainly entertaining.  See it in a premium theater with recliners, upgraded sound and such.  Run time is 128 minutes and is rated PG-13.



We were “attracted” to this film because it was different, a Russian production (rare by our standards), and we have exhausted most of the available inventory of films lately.

That said, we were not disappointed.  We were impressed.  It’s a world class production.  An alien spacecraft enters Russian airspace and is shot down over Moscow suburbs. It’s as believable as any Western production of the same genre; i.e. Independence Day.  The edgy tone of the Eastern bloc culture was intriguing and insightful.

The core cast included 14 Russian actors with hundreds of extras.  The story is focused on a few core elements, the military, young adults and their immediate circle of friends and love interests, patriots and resisters.

The film is not rated in the US.  It is listed as Art House & International, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance.  The run time is 133 minutes.  Russian with English subtitles.

Note:  This was originally released in IMAX theaters in 2017!  Did anybody see this?!



We just heard about this film and decided to squeeze it in.  We were glad we did.  We knew it was a remake based on the 1972 movie.  It’s updated to present time with a contemporary set and screenplay.

Set in Atlanta, the plot follows drug dealers and suppliers, their sources and lifestyles.  The relationships are well developed and the characters feel plausible.  The outcome is a surprise.

The cast is excellent with over 78 actors.  Trevor Jackson, Lex Scott Davis, Esai Morales, Jason Mitchell, Rick Ross, Andrea Londo and Allen Maldonado round out the leading characters.  Jennifer Morrison and Brian F. Durkin are really good as bad cops.

It’s rated R for violence and language throughout, strong sexuality, nudity and drug content.  It is listed as an Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery & Suspense.  It is not appropriate for children.  The run time is 108 minutes.



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