Travel: A 4th of July Family Gathering

A 4th of July Family Gathering

What a busy, crazy, wonderful, amazing, fabulous get together!  We were 17 for the holiday and 25 for the 5th.  There was so much love and laughter, perfect weather, tons of chatter, great food, libations and lots of memories.

Little Gracie and Amelia were the youngest and John’s folks were the oldest.  We came from California, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois and Wisconsin.

There was plenty of room on the lake (the water was warm and relatively calm). The boat was quite popular with the young and old alike.   The back yard was busy with conversations and the house was a buzz until late at night.

Here are some of our favorite photos.  Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Much love to all!  J&J

Compliments of our neighbors.
From our backyard.
Niece Brianna and Gracie
Uncles Jim and John with newbie Gracie.
Left to right: Jen and Adam Rusniak, Andy Rusniak, William Charles, Kay Burns, Amelia and Sara Rusniak, Howard Burns, Jan and Reed Rusniak
Matthew and Jennifer maiden launch on the paddle boards!
Sara, Amelia and Andy chilling.
Lucy and Lily after tubing on the lake.
Jen and Adam on a morning paddle.
William riding the wake.
Just another sunset at the lake.
And to all a Good Night!


7 thoughts on “Travel: A 4th of July Family Gathering”

  1. Bucolic utopia! It certainly appears that everyone had fun. You both look cute holding the wee one. SF seems very far away!

    1. How fabulous. Thanks for sharing your family holiday – and what perfect weather and sunset pictures. Congratulations to the hosts.
      Eleanor and David

  2. Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t see either of you in you speedo’s on a boogie board. Where is it????? Hee Hee 🙂

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