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We are all packed and about to leave for the airport and our flight home to San Francisco this afternoon.  It has been a wonderful summer!

Please see below a special single movie review.  This film is so good we didn’t want to wait.  We will be busy with mail, packages, unpacking and a backlog of activities so we decided this movie is worthy of its own posting.

Let us know what you think.  We send you all our best wishes!!  J&J


Talk about timely!  Coinciding with the Washington DC march yesterday and the one year anniversary of Charlottesville, this brilliant movie by Spike Lee is sure to be nominated for several awards when the season comes around.  It already won the Grand Prix at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival!

It is intelligent and provocative.  It is intense and carefully based on true events.  It is deliberately a dark comedy in contrast to the absurd reality.

The acting is paramount in the success of this production.  Leading man John David Washington and Adam Driver give great performances.  Alec Baldwin, Robert John Burke are also excellent.  It was also great seeing Harry Belafonte in a bit role.

Audiences and critics agree this is great film making.  The genre is noted as Biography, Drama, Comedy, Crime.  It is Rated R for strong language throughout, including racial epithets and disturbing /violent material and some sexual references.  We feel viewers should be at least 14 years old unless they are well aware of current and historical racism.

Run time is 135 minutes.  DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE!


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