Travel: Rome, Italy

We arrived mid afternoon yesterday after a 10 hour overnight flight from San Francisco with a connection in Frankfurt onward to Rome.

With only a few hours to get reacquainted with the neighborhood around our hotel, located between the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps, we went for a walk.  Within an hour we were greeted by a thunder shower.  Oh well, time for cocktails at a local hotel pub.

The view from our 5th floor hotel room in central Rome includes a fascinating peek of the local living quarters.

Today we decided to explore something new. This morning we strolled down to the always beautiful Spanish Steps, then onward via the Metro to the sparsely visited St. Peter-in-Chains Churchjjn (San Pietro in Vincoli).  Built in the 5th century as the home of the chains for St. Peter as he was led to his crucifixion and the amazing statue of Moses by Michelangelo.We spent the morning and early afternoon strolling slowly back to our hotel.

Morning at the Spanish Steps.
 I Original columns of the Forum.
Residential Street near the Forum.
Original Palace, now an office.

6 thoughts on “Travel: Rome, Italy”

  1. I was married in the Campodoglio, and stayed at the Hassler Hotel, a fancy place at the top of the Spanish Steps. Eat some great gelato for me! Your photos, as usual, are terrific.

  2. Hi Jim and John!
    Looking forward to seeing you both on the ship. Bob and I are touring northern Italy and are in Verona tonight. We are heading for Trento tomorrow for a few days and then on to Venice. Enjoy your time in Rome—such a beautiful city!
    Denise & Bob

  3. Hey J & J, Steve and I will be in Venice beginning Sept. 28 for a few days before joining an OAT tour on Oct. 2 in Croatia. What a hoot if you were in Venice when we were!

  4. I love traveling along with you guys, vicariously. Someday I want to travel with you again in reality! Love your photos! More more more!

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