Travel: Ljubljana and Lake Bled, Slovenia

Yesterday was a big sightseeing day, a 9 hour day trip that included the capital city and the beautiful Lake Bled.  It was also a visit to our 99th country, Slovenia!!

The medieval Castle overlooks Ljubljana, the capital.
The Ljubljanica River runs through the center of the capital.
City center retail shops of various ages including endless cafes.
The city center includes the baroque Cathedral.
Our favorite fountain, the baroque era Robba Fountain.

We next saw the beautiful Julian Alps on our way to the stunningly beautiful Lake Bled for lunch, followed by a boat ride to St. Mary’s church on the tiny Lake Bled Island.

The first of several Mountain View’s of the Julian Alps.
A residential estate high above the lake.
St. Mary’s Church.
It was another great day. Wishing you all could be here with us!

5 thoughts on “Travel: Ljubljana and Lake Bled, Slovenia”

  1. Ljubiana is a very special place. Did you eat ice cream in that place near the cathedral? Did you go up to,the castle?
    Lake Bled is beautiful!

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