Travel: Naples: Archaeological Museum

Yesterday we visited Naples.  It is a massive, chaotic, gritty but fascinating city.  It is also the home to one of the world’s finest museums.  We spent the better part of a day exploring some of the worlds finest sculptures and mosaics housed in a former Bourbon palace.

Here are some of the collection.

Farnese Athena, marble, 1st century AD
1st century mosaic from Pompeii.
Emperor Claudius, Bronze, 1st century AD
Atlas, marble.
Farnese Hercules, over 10’ tall, 3rd century Roman marble, found in 1546 Rome.
Toro Farnese is 13 feet tall and the largest in tact statue from antiquity. 3rd century AD
Battle of Alexander floor mosaic, 2nd century BC found in Pompeii.
Glass pitcher from 1st century Pompeii.
One of the museums finest rooms with original art.

2 thoughts on “Travel: Naples: Archaeological Museum”

  1. Beautiful! No pizza to balance the sublime in the culinary aspects of the city?

    I’m in Vienna, about to start a day of exploration by myself. I prefer company!

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