Travel: Mantua, Italy


Greetings everyone!  It was another great day.  We took the train to the city of Mantua and its 48,000 inhabitants.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage City highlighted by the Duomo (Cathedral of San Pietro), the Basilica of Sant’ Andrea and the Palazzo Ducale.

This is only three of over 25 significant sights worthy of a visit.  Mantua is easily reached in 45 minutes Southwest of Verona.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the day.

The Main Street leads from the train station to the center of town. The buildings are from the late 15th century.
The Duomo, Cathedral of St. Peter.
The Palazzo Ducale, part of a much larger museum complex.
Cherubs on the dome of the Basilica of Sant’ Andrea built in 1472.
Part of the palace complex.
The frescoes in the nave of the Basilica.


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  1. We spent a half day in Cologne…a very nice city. We’re now in Amsterdam….just spent an hour walking through the red light district, along with lots of other people!

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