Travel: A Selection of Odds and Ends, Italy and a bit more.

Look closely, one part creepy, one part bizarre. Found on the Presidential Palace, Malta.
Sweets offered with coffee.
Sister City to Verona!
The moment Jim discovered cocktails on the ship were free!
From Malta neighborhood.
How now white cow?!
It’s a real 1 person car in a real parking space in Tirano, Italy.
Fish drying from a morning catch on Lago Iseo will be sold to local restaurants and made into fishstews for the dinner menu.
Actual menu posted in a cafe window.
Poster from a shop in Verona where people reply to letters from around the world for love advice ala Romeo and Juliet.
A piece of art sent to the Juliet Club.
This speaks for itself.
Another goofy selfie!
Gnomes we like!
Making new friends!
Giant gnomes are creepy!
There is a reason this audience is keeping its distance! CREEPY!
Hello! That is 16% Grade downhill for miles!
The ultimate door knocker! Gargoyle spits up two, lions, a turtle and a horned devil!
Jim finds a new sweat shirt!
That’s all folks!

5 thoughts on “Travel: A Selection of Odds and Ends, Italy and a bit more.”

  1. We love the last bits in pictures. It seems this tour was one of your best ever! Now, catch your breath at home.

  2. Wow, I kept opening up my email with another addition from the traveling J’s. I kept asking, how long are they going to be gone? Each day was like a new adventure. It was amazing – all of it – you educated us, you humored us, you shared travel tips, you showed us delicious food and drink, you entertained us and you made us want to be there!! Nice job – pictures and captions were perfect! Well done.

  3. That figure on the Presidential Palace in Malta is indeed strange. Male or female, or both? Are those boobs or balls? It appears to be superimposed bodies….but who can see anything from a distance?

    Your gnomes and oddities were a nice way to finish off a fantasy trip.

    Welcome home!

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