Movies: Burning, Widows

Hello to all!

No sooner are we over jet lag and off we go to spend the Thanksgiving Holidays with family in Wisconsin.

We also take this opportunity to send each of you our most heartfelt wishes for good health, much love and a Happy Thanksgiving!

We managed to squeeze in a couple more films just before our flight that might be of interest.  It’s that goofy crazy time of year when the studios are making their best bets on what to release just prior to the awards season.  For us, it’s a bit of “the good, the bad and the ugly” as the stakes at studios, and more importantly, the box office are key factors in the short term with regards to nominations and awards.  Every year it is a mixed bag to be sure!


This film is intriguing on several levels.  It is a haunting psychological thriller set in modern day South Korea.  It’s also a love story although you wouldn’t know it at first glance.   It is beautifully filmed with a gentle insight and pace.

The cast is quite small with only three primary characters followed by a parade of bit parts to help fill in the numerous blanks.  Jeon Jong-seo plays the love interest.  Yoo Ah-in plays the young single country boy, living alone and craving a companion…  And Steven Yeun is a Korean-American actor as the affluent son with his Porshe and privilege.  There are another dozen multicultural actors filling in bit parts.

Burning is a slow boil story with unique ins and outs for all the characters.  The social and political commentary are ever so subtle, yet valuable insights of the culture and society.

This film is not rated.  It is listed as Art House & International, Drama, Mystery & Suspense.  We characterize it as a unique peek into a country and its people as told through eyes of someone seeking emotional fulfillment.  The ending is quite powerful.  This is a unique film that will appeal more to a global audience.



OK, to be honest, the pickings were slim this weekend for new releases.  Either the films we wanted to see haven’t been released yet or the fragments of what was available were just not worth the time or timing.

Well, SURPRISE!!  Widows from Academy Award-winning Director Steve McQueen was just released.  It’s a story about four women with little in common except their dead husbands.  The plot includes a backdrop of crime, passion and corruption set in today’s Chicago.

The cast is amazing:  Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Debicki, Michele Rodriguez, Colin Ferrell, Cynthia Erivo, Robert Duvall and Jackie Weaver.  Another dozen fill in the cast.

We were quite impressed how this film unfolded and came together.  It’s a perfect example when a stellar cast and heist thriller meld into something more than expected.

This film is rated R for violence, language, and sexual content/nudity.  We do not recommend this film for children.  It is listed as a Drama with a run time of 128 minutes.


2 thoughts on “Movies: Burning, Widows”

  1. Interesting movie name, “Burning”……you’ve been on my mind and this movie title reminded me to ask how are you making out with the smoke. Our newspapers say the air quality is terrible. Glad to hear you are off to Wisconsin.

    1. Hi Anne,
      Sorry for our delay in responding. The Thanksgiving holiday meant a house full with family. Always a joyful day. We are in Wisconsin since last week. The smoke was terrible the week before but finally broke the day before we left. Just tragic for everyone impacted. We will return next week to San Francisco. It is good to here from you. We send best wishes your way!

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