Movies: Robin Hood, Green Book, The Front Runner

Robin Hood

This interesting film was recently released to broad audiences.  Interesting because it blends centuries of history, a lot of British folklore, and even more creative liberty in the telling of a classic tale.

That said, there is really very little historical authenticity at all in the production.  There is, however, a playful approach filled with lots of tongue in cheek humor, excessive liberty of the period in time and history.

The acting was designed to draw a more youthful audience.  Good looking young men and women interacting, laughing and partying much like current times.  Just the right amount of slapstick humor, just enough period sets to suggest another place and time.

The cast includes the Welsh actor Targon Egerton as Robin.  Irish actor Eve Hewson plays Lady Marian.  Jamie Foxx plays a great Petit Jean.  Australian Ben Mendelsohn plays the Sheriff.  There are several other bit part roles including a cameo by F. Murray Abraham.

All that said, it was a fun film.  It did not take itself seriously.  It had just the right mix of humor, irony, action and romance.

It is rated as PG-13 for extended sequences of violence, action and some suggestive references.  About half the audience in our viewing were children.  The genre is Action & Adventure, Drama.  The run time is 116 minutes.


Green Book

This film was just awarded the ‘Best Film’ award by the National Board of Review.  We heartily agree.   It is based on true events, quite timely too.

Set in the Fall of 1962 it is about a road trip through the deep south by an African American concert pianist played by the exceptional Mahershala Ali.  His Bronx driver and protector is played by the equally talented Vigo Mortensen.  Also noteworthy is Linda Cardellini as the wife.

The film’s title is also significant.  Between 1936 and 1966 there was a publication titled The Negro Motorist Green Book.  It was a travel guide for the emerging African-American middle class about the dangers on the road from refusal of food and lodging to arbitrary arrest.

The movie is rated PG-13 for thematic content, language including racial epithets, smoking, some violence and suggestive material. That said, we feel it is suitable for older children.  It is listed as a Drama and runs 130 minutes.  Add this one to your ‘must see’ list.  We predict more awards to come.


The Front Runner

Here is another film based on true events.  It is based on then former Colorado Senator Gary Hart in 1987 who became the leading Democratic presidential candidate.  Hugely popular at the time until a scandal torpedoed his plans.

Hugh Jackman is excellent as Mr. Hart.  Vera Farmiga is riveting as the wife.  Mamoudou Athie is outstanding as the Washington Post reporter.  J. K. Simmons shines as the campaign manager.  Another dozen actors fill in the rest of the cast.

Overall, it was well crafted and acted but it just missed the target for us.  Perhaps it is a bit too close to current events to be satisfying.  It is rated R for language and some sexual references.  It is listed as a Drama and runs 112 minutes.


4 thoughts on “Movies: Robin Hood, Green Book, The Front Runner”

  1. The Green Book sounds fascinating in view of our latest election. I hope it will come to theaters around here.

    Also the film about Gary Hart. I remember that well. And now we have the teflon orange monster, to whom nothing applies. As a dear friend always says: “Oh shit, oh dearie me!”

  2. Would you say that Robin Hood was like Monty Python, or maybe the Princess Bride? Memorable quotes? I was hoping to would be great since the past Robin Hood movies have been blah.
    I’m glad you liked the Green Book. That is a winner!!
    Abby Wells: you speak my language! or at least your friend does with the “Oh shit, oh dearie me!” Ha ha ha!!!

    1. Good morning Karen (& Steve)! This rendition of Robin Hood was not at all like Monty Python. It was stylized for a teens to 20 something audience. Sometimes serious, then sometimes just short of slapstick, then brutally serious. It might be worth a watch on a long plane ride. J&J

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