Travel: Northern California Coast, Part 3

It was another glorious day of sunshine on the coast.  Generally clear skies and near perfect weather conditions.

Our only wish would be to replicate this weather for all our friends and family in the areas where the weather has been so frightfully cold.

Until then, we hope a few more pictures will be welcomed by all.  Mendocino felt surprisingly quiet, uncrowded and we had a leisurely day visiting the shops, headlands and an afternoon hike to the Cabrillo Light Station.

Here are our favorite photos from day 3.

First we were greeted by this perfect reflection of a local museum.
A favorite store selling locally grown and made mustards, jams, jellies and more.
One of the locally famous water towers still in use from another era.
The MacCullum House B&B is open to the public for beakfast and dinner.
The historic Masonic Temple now shares space with a local Community Bank.
A hole in the rock, right in town.
Looking up the coast.
Big River meets the Pacific Ocean.
John’s footsteps in the sand.
Bridge at Russian Gulch State Park.
A fellow hiker at Russian Gulch State Park.
Cabrillo Point Light Station.
Goodbye Mendocino! Thanks!!

5 thoughts on “Travel: Northern California Coast, Part 3”

  1. You have so many wonderful sights so close to home…….or is it that you have the eyes to see the beauty around you? Thanks for sharing,.

    1. Both! When John and Jim have visited us in different places they saw things where we have been many times and yet we never noticed. They are very observant. We love their sharing travels .

  2. How lovely !
    It looks so peaceful. Wouldn’t mind being there right now.
    The cold here gets old very quickly !
    Thanks for sharing those great pictures !

  3. Jim and John, how wonderful to join you in the sunshine as we freeze in PA. What a wonderful respite. Many thanks,
    Eleanor and David

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