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We are in the final two weeks before the 2019 Oscars.  This week the 2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films just opened nationwide.  Yesterday we viewed the five Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films, along with two Highly Commended Animated Shorts.

This review will be the first of three.  Next will be our reviews of the Live Action Shorts, and finally the Documentary Shorts.  Soon after we will publish our  Oscar Ballot with our predictions for all 2019 Oscar categories.

Cheers to all!  J&J


Late Afternoon, Canada

This 10 minute animated short is quite sad.  It’s about an elderly woman at home reflecting on memories only to confuse them with the past or another place.  That said, it’s heart warming and ultimately upbeat.


One Small Step, USA

In this 8 minute film a Chinese American girl, Luna, aspires to be an astronaut.  She lives with her father Chu, who earns a living repairing shoes.  Luna struggles in college.  It has excellent style and animation.  It’s both touching and positive.


Bao, USA

This Pixar created animated short film is an absolute delight.  It’s the product of a Chinese Canadian filmmaker.  It requires the viewer to have an open mind and an active imagination given its title.  Bao is a steamed Chinese bun that can be filled with any number of ingredients, i.e. BBQ pork or veggies…  It runs 8 minutes.


Animal Behavior, Canada

This 14 minute Canadian film is too funny.  Six animals meet together with their psychotherapist for a session.  There is a snail, a bird, a pig, a cat, a cricket, a gorilla and a dog (as the therapist).  What is funny is the creatures are all just being themselves until all falls into chaos.  It’s truly a hoot.


Weekends, USA

This animated short takes on a the serious topic of a young boy shuffling between divorced parents.  This 15 minute short toggles between surreal and a dream-like reality.  The film is quite open about the confusion, emotional torment, and disruption caused by fractured families.


Wishing Box, USA/China

This 6 minute animated short was not nominated for an Oscar but was listed as “Highly Commended”.  It’s a production by China and the US.  It’s the story about a pirate and a monkey with a treasure box that yields food but no treasure…at first.  It’s both charming and funny.


Tweet Tweet/Russia

This is also listed as “Highly Commended” in the Animated Shorts category.  It’s quite unique.  It is the story of “life cycles” depicted in the form of seasons and life forms.  It is very thought provoking.  The run time is 11 minutes.




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