Movies: 2019 Oscar Ballot and J&J Pick the Winners

Good Day to all!

We are pleased to present you with Jim and John’s Oscar Picks for the 2019 91st Academy Awards, February 24 at 5 PM PST on ABC, from the Dolby Theater, Los Angeles, CA.

This year we’ve changed our format a bit.  Below is a link to our official ballot.  We know some of you host Oscar parties.  The attached ballot in RED is a PDF meaning you can customize and print the document as needed.

That said, you will notice OUR picks are noted in its column.  You and/or your guests may select their picks in the other columns.

Since we crashed and burned with our predictions last year, we doubled down our efforts to read the Oscar “tea leaves” this year.  We can say we have seen ALL but four of the nominated films.  (You will see our predictions for Hair and Makeup and Documentary Feature based on what we did see and our best research.)

Those four films are:

Border, Nominated for Makeup and Hair

Hale County This Morning, This evening, Nominated for Documentary Feature

Minding the Gap, Nominated for Documentary Feature

Of Fathers and Sons, Nominated for Documentary Feature

Click here to download your 2019 Oscar Ballot.

We would love to hear back from you regarding any of your favorite movies from this year, any parties/events, or any other related functions/insights.

We have planned a quiet evening at home with our traditional Oscar dinner of steamed Dungeness crab and a bottle of Champagne.  Our first toast will be to all of you!



PS:  A big THANK YOU to our friend and blog guru, John H, for all the help and support this year when we needed it.

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