Movies: The Invisibles, P Storm, Pet Sematary

The Invisibles

Here’s a film worth seeking out.  The title is a reference to Jews hiding in Berlin in the early years of World War II.  Those in control of Germany at that time were convinced they had eliminated all German Jews from Berlin which meant they had been deported to the “camps” for elimination.

The script is based on true events and the interviews of two men and two women survivors.  They were 4 of 7,000 Jews (out of 160,000) who hid in Berlin after Nazi Joseph Goebbel announced Berlin was “free of Jews” in 1943.  By the time the war ended only 1,700 Berlin Jews had survived.

The core cast is made up of 20 mostly young German actors.  Their performances overall are believable and realistic.  Another 20 actors round out the rest of the cast.

The film is listed as a Historical Drama.  It is not rated.  The run time is 110 minutes.  German, with English subtitles.


P Storm

This film is the latest in the action series, preceded by Z Storm, S Storm, and L Storm.  Who knew?!  Its genre is noted by the movie website Popcorn Singapore as Action/Crime.

The entire story is mostly set in the Hong Kong Correctional Services with some scenes scattered around or near Hong Kong.  The story line is about an inmate, played by Raymond Lam, who bribed prison officers to ‘look the other way’ regarding attacks on other inmates.  William Luk, played by Louis Koo, is an undercover agent who infiltrates the prison as an inmate to investigate the crimes.

The plot is a bit hard to follow.  It’s hard to determine the good guys from the bad guys as the subtitles in Mandarin and English fly by (quite common for Chinese films).  The films language is Cantonese.

The action is quite violent with constant gang fights.  It’s often confusing with subtle commentaries on China and Hong Kong’s ‘moral compass’.  This film is not rated in the US.

To quote the South China Morning Post movie critic Edmund Lee:  …”the script is thoroughly detached from reality, but P Storm is never boring, and there are worse ways to spend 96 minutes.”


Pet Sematary

The long awaited film version of Stephen King’s horror novel is in theaters now.  Have you had trouble sleeping lately?  This one just might provoke a nightmare!  It starts out calm enough but gets really creepy really fast.  It starts with a frumpy cat and takes off from there.

The acting is pretty good.  Jason Clarke plays the father.  Amy Seimetz is the wife.  Jete Laurence plays the daughter and three year old twins play the little brother Gage.  John Lithgow plays the weird neighbor.  A handful of bit parts round out the rest of the cast.

The film is rated R for horror, violence, bloody images and some language.  We do not feel this film is appropriate for young children or sensitive youngsters.  It gets very intense for quite a while.

The genre is listed as Horror with a run time of 101 minutes.


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  1. The Invisibles sounds interesting. I haven’t seen anything about it around here.

    I’ll definitely pass on the others!!

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