Travel: Slavonice 2

The town square of Slavonice is dominated by An enormous clock tower.
Our hotel room is a full apartment on the third floor. It’s quite nice.
Much of the city dates to the medieval era.

Just outside the Slavonice by a 30 minute walk are Czechoslovakian bunkers from 1938.  They were built to protect Czechoslovakia from a Nazi invasion.  It’s a somber reminder of the conflict in the region not so many years ago.

WWII Tank barriers across the valley floor.
Exterior view of WWII bunkers.
Interior of WWII bunker.

4 thoughts on “Travel: Slavonice 2”

  1. If only we learned something from these repeated horrors.
    I can’t leave the TV. The news is happening so fast..Maybe we’ll be able to breathe free again soon.

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