Travel: Paris, odds and ends we liked

Today was our next to the last day in Paris.  Our walk was over 6-1/2 miles mostly in the Northeast part of the city.  It was full of discoveries.  Monuments, a Passage of Indian restaurants, lots of shops and markets new to us and a new part of the City with modern high rise buildings, shops and massive modern transit hubs.

We like swans.
We like unique cafes with good food and interesting environments.
We like cheese shops and the wide variety of cheeses they offer.
We like flower markets.
We like the seemingly endless options for walking in green areas.
We like the well maintained elegant mansions.
We like discovering old churches and their treasures like the stained glass in St. Elizabeth Church.
We like finding the old iron water fountains while searching for fresh Pain du Chocolate.
We like discovering old monuments.
Speaking of monuments!

12 thoughts on “Travel: Paris, odds and ends we liked”

  1. Hi, Jim & John:
    I’m Ray Clark’s wife, Dale. We really enjoy your posts. Photos are great and the comments are brief and interesting making it a pleasure to keep up with your travels. Thanks for including us.

  2. What a trip! Thanks for taking us along with you. It was a blast.

    Looking forward to seeing you two when you get home.

  3. The figure next to the fountain of dancing women does not have the patina of age. Perhaps the “pan du chocolate” negates the effects of oxidation!

  4. WOW cut you two loose with a good camera a walking shoes and see what fascinating scenery you discover. Found the cafe art interesting. Thanks for sharing your trip. Now home for some much needed R & R and don’t forget the haircuts.
    Keep in touch. Cheers

  5. WOW cut you two loose with a good camera and walking shoes and see what a grand adventure occurs. Found the cafe art interesting and church window amazing. Thanks for sharing it with all. Now home for some R & R and remember the haircut. Keep in touch. Cheers

  6. Love being along to experience your travels. You take the best photos. Like I was there xoxo to you both

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