Movies: Uncut Gems, 1917, The Kingmaker

Movie 1: Uncut Gems


Oye!  Not only was this unique film difficult to watch, it’s an uncomplimentary look behind the curtain of the Manhattan diamond district.  It’s not a pretty site!  The wheeling and dealing comes with dangerous consequences.  That said, the acting is what makes this film work.  Industry insiders loved this film.


Movie 2: 1917

Here is a film based on true events of WWI’s ‘Third Battle of Ypres, Belgium’ where two British solders become trapped behind enemy lines.  When they are given valuable information that might save multitudes of lives, they struggle to get their message to their commanders.

This is arguably the best film about WWI.  It is concurrently intense, horrific and emotional.  Don’t miss this film because Oscar won’t!!                       


Movie 3:  The Kingmaker

It’s listed as a documentary but it also might qualify as a murder mystery, a horror film, or our favorite, “a hagiography”.  (Keep that word for Scrabble.)

That said, it’s a horrid collection of ego, corruption, greed and violence that seems destined to continue.  Consider Imelda Marcos’ recent 90th birthday party where 260 guests were hospitalized with food poisoning.

Our suggestion…bring you own snacks!!



2 thoughts on “Movies: Uncut Gems, 1917, The Kingmaker”

  1. I saw Uncut Gems. I leaned over to my son in law and told him it’s hard to be sympathetic about the Adam Sandler character, he was a major selfish jerk but next to the other plotters and schemers he was Mother Teresa. I recommend this movie too.

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