Movies: Invisible Life, Cunningham, Clemency

Movie 1: Invisible Life

The full title of this movie is The Invisible Life of  Euridice Gusmao.  Two sisters are separated continents apart, each believing the other is half the world away.  The good news is the quality of the production is beautifully executed by Writer/Director Karim Ainouz.

That said, the film is ultimately confusing, emotional, spanning decades all for some unknown purpose or explanation.  Note:  We do not recommend this film for youngsters.    Portuguese with English subtitles. 


Movie 2: Cunningham

This is an extraordinary behind the scenes experience about New Yorker Merce Cunningham and his post war emergence of avant garde modern dance.  This documentary spans over three decades of rare footage.

Some parts are puzzling, others bewildering, all of it both intriguing and courageous.  Some of the performances are concurrently stunning and thought provoking.  It’s in limited release but well worth seeking out.



Movie 3: Clemency

Where to begin…death row inmates, the emotional and moral burden, concurrently austere and resonant…  It’s gut wrenching, complicated and reeks from collateral fallout.

At times this film is incredibly difficult to watch and, overall, the acting is world class.   That said, Alfre Woodward’s performance is especially compelling, powerful and personal.  It’s sure to be an award season favorite.




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