Movies: Weathering with You, Color out of Space, The Rhythm Section

Movie 1: Weathering with You

Thank goodness for international films.  It’s almost assured you’ll have a unique movie experience.  This film is an animated production touching on a variety of global issues.

This film was a huge hit in Japan and is now enjoying global distribution.  The overarching theme is the change in global weather.  It’s inspiring, clever, and quite down to earth.

Japanese with English subtitles.


Movie 2:  Color out of Space

OK, now we are talking about a serious movie experience.  This film reinvents modern horror films involving contact from outer space.  Surprisingly this movie is based on a short story dating back to 1927.

Be warned! This film is beautifully produced.  It’s realistic to an uncomfortable degree.  Thank goodness it’s all just awesome imagination…(or is it?!)


Movie 3: The Rhythm Section

We were surprised with the tepid reviews of this film.  While the story is a bit confusing at first, it quickly becomes intense and ultimately powerful, unique and thought provoking.

The cast and the production are intriguing.  The script is filled with lots of surprises.  There is a lot to think about once the film ends.  We liked it a lot.




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