Movies: Gretel and Hansel, The Last Full Measure, The Assistant

Movie 1: Gretel and Hansel

This film is the retelling of an old fairy tale where the characters are made from gingerbread.  Oops! Wrong fairy tale.  This one is dark, unique, Gothic, and somewhat satanic.  That said it is also mesmerizing, creative and “Grimm.” (oops, couldn’t resist!)


Movie 2: The Last Full Measure

First, be prepared…this is an immensely powerful film, based on true events, about the horror of the war with Vietnam.  It’s concurrently a film about the long term impact of war in general.  That said, its a disclosure about the realities of that war and ultimately the horrid reality of the time. The ending is uplifting and well worth the admission. 


Movie 3: The Assistant

Wow!  What a timely and powerful expose about the private sectors business culture including workplace harassment and oppression.  How appropriate given current events.

That said, it’s a fresh peek at the current climate in both corporate and public environments.  It’s a bit like the horror films from 30 years ago and the myopic movies that allows workplace monsters to survive in plain sight.



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