Movies: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Downhill, The Photograph

Movie 1: Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Set in 18th century France, this film about an art instructor to young women is subtle and visually stunning.  The dialog is equally impressive, shifting from character to character and scene to scene.

It’s a bit confusing here and there.  Some scenes are blunt and surprising but overall the production is strikingly beautiful and satisfying.  French with English subtitles.


Movie 2:  Downhill

This movie was apparently based on the 2014 French dark comedy film Force Majeure.  This production takes place in the Austrian Alps.  In this rendition the Mom and Dad with their two boys are on a ski vacation.  

There are moments of beauty, less than ideal parenting, a few horrid locals, and a couple of chuckles.  It’s well acted, well written and focuses on family dysfunction.  This film is anything but a comedy.


Movie 3: The Photograph

Currently in theaters nationwide, this is a no nonsense story about a man and a  woman who are more than attracted to each other from they moment they meet.

It’s an intelligent, believable love story that feels real.  One critic said it best…”It’s an excellent black movie written, produced, directed and acted by and for black people.”  We agree but believe everyone can feel connected once they see it.




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