Movies: Dangerous Lies, The Half of It, The Resistance Banker

Movie 1:  Dangerous Lies

Unfortunately this Netflix film fails on so many levels its barely worthy of a review.  It’s a shame because with a little tweaking and a few script revisions it could easily have been so much better.  It’s a mystery of sorts with a confusing mix of characters that brings confusion scene after scene.  Just skip it!


Movie 2:  The Half of It

This is an interesting and charming new release from Netflix.  It’s a quiet film about an immigrant father and daughter set in the State of Washington.  It’s a romantic drama focused on high school students.  Alice Wu is credited as the  Director, Co-Producer and Screenplay Writer.



Movie 3:  The Resistance Banker

This 2018 Netflix release is a unique peek at World War II in Amsterdam where bankers and the resistance bankers secretly funded anti-Germany activities.  It’s based on a true story of historical events.  It’s intriguing, somewhat confusing, with  tension and angst.  The only downside is English was dubbed throughout the production.




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  1. Thanks for the research. How do you find these movies? Just do a just released search on Netflix and find something you may enjoy?

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