Movies: Below Zero (Bajocero), Penguin Bloom, Black Beach

Movie 1: Below Zero (Bojocero)

It’s an interesting concept. Prisoners are transported to a new location. An older rogue cop wanted revenge on one of the prisoners for a previous assault. There are moments of inspiration, but nothing really notable. Spanish, dubbed in English.


Movie 2: Penguin Bloom

It’s based on the book by the same name. It’s the true Australian story of a mother of two young sons who breaks her back in an accident. Her family cares for her when suddenly a wild magpie bird becomes the newest family member.

It’s concurrently painful and joyful to watch. Some scenes are uplifting, others range from depression to perseverance. It’s ultimately about love and healing.


Movie 3: Black Beach

First…this Spanish film is confusing, somewhat slow but gets better with time. US oil company intrigue in an impoverished African country. The acting is moderate, the script drags a bit too much. Its very much a melodrama with a bit too much violence. Overall…just ho hum. Spanish dubbed in English.


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