Movies: Malcolm and Marie, Red Dot, Squared Love

Movie 1: Malcolm and Marie

FIRST…This film is NOT for everyone! Unless you like listening to a couple arguing nonstop for a run time of 1 hour 46 minutes!! That said, the film is a tour de force performance by the movies only two actors. It’s intense, difficult to watch, yet mesmerizing.


Movie 2: Red Dot

This is a good looking film. It’s the latest Netflix thriller from Sweden that is one part survival story, one part horror film. There is lots of action but not a lot of common sense on the part of the characters. Swedish dubbed in English.


Movie 3: Squared Love

This Polish romantic comedy is another mixed bag.  Basically it’s a story about a teacher who lives a double life who falls in love with a man who lives a double life.  While it sounds intriguing, it becomes tedious rather quickly.  Polish dubbed in English.


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